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EARFLAPEmergency Action Reporting Procedures for Logistics Activity
EARFLAPEmergency Action Reporting For Logistics Action Programming
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Because when Father shouted the Word, growing pale, his face transformed, so that Mama let go of his sleeve, the man in the hat with the earflaps looked at the other man in the plain sheepskin soldier's coat, then looked at Father, after which, setting down a lacquer figurine of a dancer, he mumbled, "OK.
The short brim helps keep the sun and snow out of my face, and I can keep the earflaps folded up when moving to my stand.
But earflaps of maybe 8 or 10 inches would certainly have saved conversations from being sprinkled with witty retorts such as "Hmm?
The overcap also enhanced branding with a turtle shell-inspired shape and two earflaps debossed with the Turtle Wax logo, and functional modifications to the jar base improved alignment and stackability on the retail shelf.
He wore a grey hat with earflaps, a dark jacket and a gold sovereign ring.
With her brass-tacks banality and sunny-side-up outlook, she's more like TV's Marge Simpson with earflaps and a badge on.
One was wearing a black and yellow coat and a hat with earflaps.
He had fuzzy facial hair and was wearing a green hat with earflaps and a green jacket.
And for kids, knit them a favorite car or heart patterned blankie or eclectic hats and mittens sprouting jester ties, yarn braids or earflaps in gutsy brights.
PBI Gold fiber, used in firefighting coats, pants, hoods, gloves, helmet earflaps, coatliners and in aluminized crash/fire rescue and hazmat suits, was developed by Hoechst Celanese and first used in the Apollo space program in the late 1960s to protect astronauts.
Now he yanked the earflaps of his cap down, fastened his quilted jacket under his beard, and left his village behind, left that turbulent kingdom of women and children, and of chance that, with the passage of time, had imperceptibly become law.
But they often tied up the earflaps, which might have looked like horns or seagull wings.