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EBBSEuropean Brain and Behaviour Society
EBBSEuropean Bordeaux Business School (Bordeaux, France)
EBBSEarnings Before Bad Stuff
EBBSElectronic Bulletin Board System
EBBSExercise Benefits and Barriers Scale
EBBSElite Bulletin Board System (web forum)
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We evaluated basic EEG frequencies including background, abnormal slow-waves (delta or beta activity; generalized or focal), fast waves (beta activity), spike discharges, severity of EEG arrhythmia (mild, moderate, or severe), and EBBs.
Ebbs was two-and-a-half times the alcohol limit for driving and had little or no memory of the events.
Today, EBBs are moving voluntary into an important place in their portfolios, moving beyond simple buy-ups into the mainstream of voluntary sales.
Couples are usually willing to spend more on finding a great photographer and videographer because the pictures represent memories from that day," said Ebbs.
Police said Mr Ebbs, who is white, 5ft 9in, with dark, receding, grey-flecked hair, did not go out with his essential medication, which he must take regularly.
9 on the ebbs, reflecting the influence of runoff from both Ballona Creek and the marsh flats and surrounding bluffs.
If pushed too far everyone has a genetic low ebb which indicates tiredness or a lack of energy.
Specifically, benefits on the EBBS scale were divided into five areas: life enhancement, psychological outlook, physical performance, social interaction, and preventive health.
This is an important step in our international growth as an institution," says Ebbs.
In part 1, Ebbs argues that Metaphysical Realism and Scientific Naturalism underlie, respectively, Kripke's interpretation of Wittgenstein's remarks on rule-following and Quine's thesis of the Indeterminacy of Translation.
The book begins with a chapter on what Ebbs calls "Kripke's Dialectical Skepticism," and follows this with: a chapter on Quine's skepticism about meaning; a chapter (largely critical) on McDowell's rendition of a "participant perspective"; two chapters on the debate between Carnap and Quine over the analytic-synthetic distinction; a chapter on Putnam's reasons for rejecting that distinction; and a chapter on the implications of Putnam's version of the causal theory of reference (and the division of linguistic labor) for anti-individualism.