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ECCError Correcting/Correction Code
ECCElgin Community College
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptography (encryption)
ECCEarly Childhood Center
ECCEl Camino College
ECCEmergency Cardiovascular Care
ECCError Correcting Code (memory)
ECCElectronic Communications Committee
ECCErie Community College (Buffalo, NY, USA)
ECCEvangelical Covenant Church
ECCEmergency Cardiac Care
ECCEcclesiastes (Book of the Bible)
ECCEarly Childhood Caries (dental disease)
ECCError Checking and Correction
ECCEl Centro College
ECCElectronic Climate Control (Volvo)
ECCEmergency Communications Center
ECCEngineering Change Control
ECCEuropean Control Conference (biannual; European Union Control Association)
ECCEndocervical Curettage (Ob/Gyn)
ECCEnvironmental Compliance Certificate (legal term, Philippines)
ECCEnvironmental Compliance Certificate
ECCEngineered Cementitious Composites
ECCE-Commerce Center (Verticle Net)
ECCEconomic Coordination Committee (Pakistan Government)
ECCExtracorporeal Circulation (medical)
ECCEnterprise Computing Center (Internal Revenue Service)
ECCEvolution Control Committee (band)
ECCEdmonds Community College
ECCEglise du Christ au Congo
ECCEngineering and Construction Contract
ECCError Control Coding
ECCEverett Community College
ECCEdison Community College
ECCEnterprise Command Center (Dell)
ECCEuropean Cruise Council
ECCEnvironmental Chemical Corporation (Burlingame, CA)
ECCEmergency Coordination Center
ECCEmergency Command Center
ECCEmergency Control Center
ECCEssex Community College (New Jersey)
ECCExternal Cardiac Compression
ECCExcitation Contraction Coupling
ECCEnergy Control Center
ECCEducational Cultural Complex
ECCElectrochemical Concentration Cell (ozonesonde)
ECCEuropean Coaster Club
ECCEchostar Communications Corporation
ECCElectronically Controlled Coupling (ITS)
ECCEnglish Conversation Club
ECCEducation Coordinating Council
ECCEuropean Chamber of Commerce
ECCEastern Catholic Churches (informal)
ECCEnglish China Clay
ECCElizabethtown Community College
ECCEvacuation Control Center (Marine Corps)
ECCEnsayos Clinicos Controlados (Spanish: Controled Clinical Trials)
ECCEstimated Construction Cost
ECCEmployment Conditions Commission (South Africa)
ECCEnter Cable Change
ECCEpiscopal Church Center
ECCEmbedded Control Channel
ECCEstimated Cost to Complete (project management)
ECCEngineering Control Center
ECCEarth Continuity Conductor (electrical systems)
ECCEnterprise Core Component
ECCEast Coast Crip (gang)
ECCError Correcting Circuit
ECCEastern Carolina Council (North Carolina)
ECCEngineering Contracting Company (Dubai, UAE)
ECCExchange Coupled Composite
ECCError Correction and Control
ECCEnglish Constitutional Convention (England)
ECCExpiration of Current Contract (USMC)
ECCExercise Control Center
ECCEvil Con Carne (cartoon)
ECCEmbedded Communication Channel (SDH)
ECCElectronic Core Collection
ECCEquipment Category Code
ECCExchange Carrier Code
ECCElectronic Commerce Committee
ECCEquity Chorus Call
ECCEffects Coordination Cell
ECCEscherichia Coli Counts
ECCElectronic Computer Crime
ECCEdge Card Control
ECCEnd of Current Contract
ECCEvangelical Catholic Church
ECCEngineering Casualty Control
ECCEmpire Club of Canada
ECCEverglades Coordinating Council (Miami, Florida)
ECCElectrical Control Cabinet
ECCEmployee Compensation Commission
ECCElectronics Casualty Control
ECCEngineering Coordinating Committee
ECCEnglish Cotton Count
ECCEssential Combat Configuration
ECCExecutive Communications and Control
ECCExecutive Communications Center
ECCEcho Canceller Controller
ECCEuropean Currency Community
ECCExpanded Control Channel
ECCEuropean Corvette Club (est. 2004)
ECCEnhanced Command Console (Raytheon)
ECCExecutive Credit Code
ECCEngine Control Console
ECCEarth Central Command
ECCEXFOR Coordination Cell
ECCExperiment Control Center
ECCEuropean Canadian Connection (Canada)
ECCExplosive Containment Cubicle
ECCExpansion Control Card
ECCError Character Count
ECCEurasian Communist Countries
ECCEnduring Command Center
ECCEnhanced Call Completion (ITS)
ECCengineering coordination cell (US DoD)
ECCElectronic Construction Cost
ECCEquity Cost of Capital
ECCElections Canvassing Commission
ECCEven Crosscorrelation
ECCElectronic Control Code (US Army)
ECCElectronic Camera Coverage
ECCEXFOR Coordinating Committee
ECCEducational Capacity Committee
ECCExemption Coordinating Cell
ECCElectrical Connectivity Check
ECCEmergency Control Circuit
ECCEmergency Core Cooling/Coolant
ECCElectric Customer Choice (consumers)
ECCEarth Cinema Circle (environmental awareness)
ECCEmployee Charitable Campaign (various organizations)
ECCEmmaus Catholic College (Australia)
ECCEuropean Club Cup
ECCEdinburgh Chamber of Commerce (UK)
ECCEmmis Communications Corporation (Indianapolis, IN)
ECCERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Central Component (software)
ECCEuropean Chemistry Congress
ECCEvery Child Can (education)
ECCEnergy Code Compliance
ECCEuropean Consumer Centre (network)
ECCEconomic Cooperation Council (various locations)
ECCEast Coast Championship
ECCEastern Conference Champions
ECCEarly Childhood Community (various organizations)
ECCExecutive Comptroller Course (US DoD)
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If you ever perceive a man setting up as a merchant or a manufacturer, or going into the cotton or tobacco trade, or any of those eccentric pursuits; or getting to be a drygoods dealer, or soap-boiler, or something of that kind; or pretending to be a lawyer, or a blacksmith, or a physician -- any thing out of the usual way -- you may set him down at once as a genius, and then, according to the rule-of-three, he's an ass.
I resolved to be off forthwith, and try and establish myself in some decent occupation, without dancing attendance any longer upon the caprices of these eccentric old people, and running the risk of being made a genius of in the end.
Well, so far there's nothing very eccentric about old Nutcombe's proceedings.
Listen to my experience," said our eccentric friend, "and, if you are a wise man, you will make up your mind as soon as you have heard me.
The General, I could see, was a trifle reassured by the fact that, though our progress was distinctly eccentric in its nature, it was, at least, correct and orderly.
We made the discovery in consequence of his having, in his eccentric way, an appointment with you at twelve o'clock at night, when you were to explain some writing to him as you had often done before on account of his not being able to read.
There have been eccentric inventors, starving their families while they sought such chimeras as perpetual motion.
Yet his zeal for certain studies was remarkable, and within eccentric limits his knowledge was so extraordinarily ample and minute that his observations have fairly astounded me.
They had a delightful endless appetite for passages in my own history, to which I had again and again treated them; they were in possession of everything that had ever happened to me, had had, with every circumstance the story of my smallest adventures and of those of my brothers and sisters and of the cat and the dog at home, as well as many particulars of the eccentric nature of my father, of the furniture and arrangement of our house, and of the conversation of the old women of our village.
In outer aspect, Pip and Dough-Boy made a match, like a black pony and a white one, of equal developments, though of dissimilar color, driven in one eccentric span.
If to live in this style is to be eccentric, it must be confessed that there is something good in eccentricity.
It was gravely said by some of the prelates in the Council of Trent, where the doctrine of the Schoolmen bare great sway, that the Schoolmen were like astronomers, which did feign eccentrics and epicycles, and such engines of orbs, to save the phenomena; though they knew there were no such things; and in like manner, that the Schoolmen had framed a number of subtle and intricate axioms, and theorems, to save the practice of the church.