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EGOSEmily Griffith Opportunity School (Denver, CO)
EGOSEuropean Group for Organizational Studies
EGOSEuropean Group of Surveyors (Brussels, Belgium)
EGOSEuropean Group on Ocean Stations
EGOSESA (European Space Agency) Ground Operations Software
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How can we start looking at our ego as a spiritual teacher?
In other words, "love" means drawing whatever is perceived as "good," to the self, the Ego.
Reti's motives aren't entirely altruistic, he also aims to promote his new book, "SEX & Ego Death" through the billboard and boost sales upon its release next month.
We've got egos, the band members have, but we lay them to one side when we're working together.
Leadership has a beginning, a mid-point, and then a warning sign--starting with a mild ego and stretching into the problem phase.
With respect to gender, in particular, Republic of Egos offers more examples of women acting collectively to further common interests, especially in terms of food rioting and participation in clandestine black marketing and barter networks, than of women acting in individualist capacities to undermine one another's' survival.
For the time being the bikes are being sold directly by the Surreyoperation,but the long- term aim is to get the eGOs into selectedmotorbike dealers where they can be sold in tandem with more exotic machinery.
Abstract: Heart-Centered therapies have drawn from the traditions and techniques of Ego State therapy and developmental psychotherapy.
This fascination with images of mutilated bodies speaks to the poets' response to the times in which they lived, and to the violence to their own egos that the reorganization of the state occasioned.
The problem with heroes is that they get lured so easily into the "little soul"; the advantage that antiheroes enjoy as they stand amidst the ruins of their egos is that they are opened to the "great soul.
The Bernhard world is structured like a Mobius strip on which culture vultures flip into philistines, and vice versa; one relishes every sordid turn with discreet grunts of pleasure, and leaves the book strangely expunged of ego shit one didn't even realize one was busy repressing.
Welton Becket's] alter egos, successors and/or assigns, and that a hearing, and attendant disclosure, is needed in order to determine the relevant relationships and, ultimately, the proper parties to the arbitration.