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ELEnglish Language
ELEducation Level
ELExternal Links (OSPF)
ELEntry Level
ELGreek (ISO standard two letter language code for Greek)
ELEducational Leadership
ELEast Lansing (Michigan)
ELElectric Light
ELEnergy Level
ELEmeril Lagasse
ELEmergency Lighting
ELEnterprise Linux
ELEngineering Laboratory
ELExecutive Level (government employee heirarchy; Australia)
ELExposure Limits
ELEnglish Learner
ELExpected Loss
ELExposure Level
ELEnvironmental Laboratory
ELElektricitet (Danish: Electricity)
ELExpression Language
ELElevated Train (Chicago)
ELElastic Limit (tensile testing)
ELEdit Links (Internet)
ELElymian (linguistics)
ELEquilibrium Level
ELEssential Links (website)
ELEnvironmental Liabilities
ELEmergency Leave
ELEuropean Lotteries
ELElevated Line (elevated subway operated by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)
ELException List
ELEndolaser (vitreoretinal surgery))
ELEpiscopal Life (magazine)
ELErase Line
ELEnhancement Layer
ELEntertainment Links (Internet)
ELEncounter Level (Dungeons & Dragons gaming)
ELEnhanced Latency
ELElectrical Load
ELExclusive Lock
ELElevation Limit
ELExcursion Limit (OSHA)
ELExpansion Loop
ELEnterprise Links (Internet)
ELElectronic Links (Internet)
ELExploration Lease (mineral exploration)
ELEmergency Limit
ELEngineering Letters
ELEarnings Level
ELElectric Logs (Oil Industry Old Term)
ELEdge Lift (of a contact lens)
ELEntrepreneurial Leave
ELErie Lackawanna Railway Company
ELElectric Start-Long Shaft (boat motors)
ELEddy Loss
ELEnforcement Layer
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The members of CoGS, as elected by General Synod, are listed at the left of this page and members of standing committees are listed below.
He was archdeacon of Lincoln in the diocese of Niagara from 1991 until he was elected diocesan bishop of Calgary in 1999.
Some council members objected to provisions that apply to fund raising for nonprofit organizations on behalf of an elected official because they felt the limits would hurt local charities that use elected officials to help them raise funds.
In the diocese of Huron, Archdeacon Robert Franklin Bennett, 53, was elected on the sixth ballot on June 15 as suffragan, or assistant, bishop.
Rules for staff members are stricter than for elected officials - they must choose pool vehicles the city already has on hand, with the city now buying hybrids and other lower-polluting cars that cost more than comparable models.
In a corporate reorganization, an S parent elected QSSS status for its wholly owned subsidiary, then spun off the QSSS to its shareholder, who elected S status for the subsidiary.
But Riordan opened the door to changing the rules when he said upon leaving office last summer that he thought a third term was OK for council members but not citywide elected officials.
Matthews Cathedral, was elected on the third ballot on Oct.
Jay Gerken were elected as Directors of Zenix Income Fund Inc.
Councilman Hal Bernson, who has been elected six times, said he also opposes all forced term limits.
If the recurring item exception is elected, the economic performance test will be deemed to occur as of the close of the tax year, if the all-events test is satisfied, the accrued liability is paid by the earlier of 81/2 months after the close of the tax year or the date on which the tax return for the year in question is filed and certain other requirements of Sec.
was elected 2006-2007 chair of the International District Energy Association (IDEA) at the organization's annual meeting held in June during its 97th Annual Conference & Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn.