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The subjects were fitted with electroglottograph electrodes connected to the Glottal Enterprises Electroglottograph (EGG), model EG-2, and a head mounted microphone, AKG model C420III connected to a KayPentax Computerize Speech Laboratory (CSL) Model 4500.
Laboratory equipment includes the Kay Sonograph, the McSpeech Voice Analysis Computer Program, and the Rothenberg Electroglottograph.
A small lab is in the process of being assembled, with VoceVista[TM] software available, as well as an electroglottograph.
APPENDIX A UTSA Voice Lab Equipment Equipment name Company/Vendor Model number Electroglottograph Laryngograph Electroglottograph EGGS for Singers BNC cables Hosa BNC-59-103 (3 foot)-- have 2 of each; BNC-59- 106 (6 foot)--have 2 of each; BNC-59-110 (10 foot)--have 2 of each XLR cables Pro Co ProCo XLR10--have 2 of each; Pro Co XLR20-- have 2 of each Kay 4 channel input/ output preamp and recording interface Kay CSL4500 Omnidirectional headset microphone (condenser) Shure Beta 53 Research Computer Kay/Dell Dell GX520 with Kay 4307 Multi Speech Package Other computers Dell Dell Optiplex GX1, loaded with Voce Vista 2.
Since we cannot travel back in time with a high quality tape recorder, spectrograph, and electroglottograph, we are forced to rely on the adequacies and inadequacies of written sources.