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Electrohydraulic lithotripsy in 111 patients: a safe and effective therapy for difficult bile duct stones.
Marco develops and produces long-term compatible electrohydraulic control systems for customer-specific mining applications and its product line known under the trade name pm32 offers complete system responsibility with a wide range of components including electronics, electrohydraulics, control units, sensors, valves, cylinders and BMW global reverse sensor system.
In the event of an electronic or hydraulic system malfunction, this option, activated by an external watchdog controller, can isolate the electrohydraulic section of the steering valve in order to protect the steering system.
Its advanced features, which will allow it to deploy heavier loads and operate further offshore, include two work class ROVs with launch and recovery systems (LARS), an HMC-250T active heave compensated knuckle boom crane and a 15-ton electrohydraulic deck crane with folding boom.
The unit not only controls electric drives, but generally treats electrohydraulic drives as if they were servos.
The HNC 100 3x[R] digital servo drive from Rexroth is a programmable, multi-axis NC controller, with field-bus interfaces, specifically developed for control of electrohydraulic drives, it expands the range of tailored automated solutions of Rexroth's HNC100 family by offering control of up to four electrohydraulic axes in one unit.
The user-friendly mixers offer cost-efficient dispersion with easy-to-use features including automatic dispersions, mode and batch timer, push-button speed control, maintenance-free digital speed indicator and electrohydraulic raise and lower feature with push-buttons.
MTESTQuattro is designed for manual, electrohydraulic and electromechanical testing machines.
It also has an electrohydraulic control pump and upgraded clamp design.
The high energy treatments most prevalent in North America use electrohydraulic and electromagnetic devices.