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EMThem (slang; usually written 'em)
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EMEffective Microorganisms
EMElectron Microscope
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EMElectron Micrograph
EMElectromotive (voltage as an electromotive force)
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EMEducation Manual
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EMElectromagnetic Conductivity
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EMEuroMARC (European Union trademark registration database)
emWidth of Capital m (unit of measurement)
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EMEngineer(ing) Manual (USACE)
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EMElectronic Music
EMEngine Modification
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The basic states of the simulation method for the electromotive rolling stock in terms of power-optimum modes at the track with a given profile and a fixed motion graph and initial developments were described in papers [17, 18].
13 and 14, it appears that the transfer function between flux density and electromotive force, decreases the factional harmonics.
The upper and lower limits of the electromotive force are obtained for [theta] = 0 and [theta] = [pi]/2, respectively.
In case of AC furnaces, the mixing process cannot be controlled and the forces that are created by joining the eddy current magnetic fields, 50 Hz time varying magnetic field and induced electromotive forces, are not in accordance with the weight of the molten metal that has to be mixed.
Ito made the remarks at the Auto Shanghai 2011 exhibition, where Honda is displaying its Fit EV Concept battery electric vehicle, hybrid vehicles and other environmentally friendly automobiles and electromotive technologies.
0], F, R, T, and a are electromotive force, standard electromotive force, Faraday constant (96 485.
The back electromotive force (EMF) is too small in the low speed, which is crucial to estimate.
Electromotive has been chosen as Ireland's leading provider of electric charging points.
Di Stasi and colleagues have studied the impact of electromotive MMC.
Companies the college works closely with are JCB, UPS, Cannock Chase Council, Electromotive and The Upper House.
The US Company of Electromotive Diesel International was awarded with the second contract for designing, building, delivering and servicing locomotives for the freight of phosphate.
China's CSR Corp and the US firm ElectroMotive got contracts worth SR342.