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EMThem (slang; usually written 'em)
EMElectronic Mail
EMEddie Murphy
EMElectron Microscopy
EMEffective Microorganisms
EMElectron Microscope
EME-Mail Me
EMExplanatory Memorandum (Australia and UK)
EMEnd of Medium (ITU-T)
EMElectron Micrograph
EMElectromotive (voltage as an electromotive force)
EMEconomics and Management
EMElectrician's Mate (US Navy rating)
EMEducation Manual
EMElectric Mirrors (automotive classifieds)
EMElectromagnetic Conductivity
EMEconomy and Management
EMError Monitor
EMEarl Marshall (British)
EMElectron Migration
EMEngineering Memorandum
EMEquivalent Men
EMEuroMARC (European Union trademark registration database)
emWidth of Capital m (unit of measurement)
EMEastern Megalopolis
EMDepartment of Electromechanics
EMErratus Monks (gaming)
EMEngineer(ing) Manual (USACE)
EMDepartment of Energy Office of Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management
EMEdgemoor & Manetta Railway
EMEnlisted Man/Men/Member
EMEtna and Montrose Railroad
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EMExtreme Makeover
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EMEarly Minoan (time period)
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EMEncyclopedia of Mormonism
EMEsclerosis Multiple (Spanish: Multiple Sclerosis)
EMEngineer of Mines (mining engineer)
EMExpectation Maximization (algorithm)
EMEnvironmental Mycobacteria
EMEmergency Management
EMExternal Modulation (Pirelli)
EMEnrollment Management (educational institutions)
EMEmergency Medicine
EMEmasculated Male
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EMEnvironmental Module
EMEnvironmental Monitor
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EMEuroMetaux (European Association of Non-Ferrous Metals)
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EMEncephalomyelitis (inflammation of brain and spinal cord)
EMEnergetic Material
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EMEngineering Manager
EMEnergia Metabolizável (French: Metabolizable Energy)
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EMEnlisted Marine (US DoD)
EMElement Management (Sprint)
EMElectronic Music
EMEngine Modification
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From theoretical calculations it can be concluded that induced electromotive force in the contour is very small.
ElectroMotive will supply 25 locomotives, each with 4300-horsepower.
L] Foundry Induction Furnaces 12 Railway Traction Electromotive Units 7.
Whereas the higher voltage outputs from blend and coag settings are more damaging, greater electromotive force can be used creatively to help cut through greater resistance such as that afforded by desiccated and fatty tissues, and to secure an extra measure of hemostasis at the margins of an incision into more vascular tissues such as myoma, myometrium, and rectus abdominus.
3]) was added; subsequently, at the time of maximum electromotive force (E), a known volume of the enzymatic calibration solution was added (20 [micro]L of a 20-mg/L solution of bCAII or hCAII or 20 [micro]L of a 200-mg/L solution of hCAI).
While an electric motor is rotating, whether powered or not, it generates an electromotive force (EMF).
INDUSTRY TERMS I THIS ISSUE A Ampere BGA Bali Grid Array C Capacitance or Coulomb (depending on context) Cpk Process Capability CSP Chip-Scale Package CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion F Farad H Henry Hz Hertz I Electric current IO Input-Output L Inductance MEMS MicroElectroMechanical System N Newton [OMEGA] Ohm PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier Q Electric charge R Resistance RF Radio Frequency SPC Statistical Process Control V Electromotive force or Volt (depending on context) W Watt NOTE: Some of these industry terms are from the 2000 NEMI Technology Roadmap.
And in order to realize how important the introduction of the potential has been in electric measurements, one needs only to remember how most minds in this area had only a nebulous understanding of electromotive force, voltage and electroscopic difference, and how finally by Thomson's potentiometers the most delicate investigations became possible.
Then I can take a couple more and get to 250-kW stack for a bus, and four of those and do an Electromotive.
Changes in the temperature at the juncture of these different metals induce a change in electromotive force (EMF) between the other ends of the strips or wires.
By means of an electromotive salt bath pump especially developed for this purpose, the salt is pumped into the curing bath through a pipeline or sprinkler unit.
The solar storm itself does not cause physical damage to property, but the electromagnetic, electrostatic and electromotive consequences of the phenomenon can cause property damage and/or business interruption on Earth and in space.