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For instance, electronics from a corporate/private company setting may have significant resale value, while computers and other electronics collected from the municipal side may have less value.
This reorganization of our top management marks another step forward for Samsung in achieving global leadership in the electronics industry," said Jong-Yong Yun, vice chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Co.
Recognizing opportunity, some of these organizations have offered their contracted communities electronics recycling collection services.
The electronics industry has enjoyed sustained growth over the last two years and projections for the future are positive," says Jim McElroy, CEO of iNEMI.
While most consumers find alternatives to throwing out their electronics, according to the study, consumers lack awareness and require education about electronics recycling.
We are very pleased to welcome the fine Reptron organization into the Kimball Electronics family," said Don Charron, President, Kimball Electronics.
At first glance, MaSeR's Barrie facility is reminiscent of other existing electronics shredding plants.
Running OCAP and interactive digital cable services from the Head End through the Multi-stream CableCARD, both provided by Scientific Atlanta, to the Host is a leap forward in digital television development, which now more than ever relies on increased network connectivity to enhance the viewer's experience," said HG Lee, Vice President of the Visual Display Division R&D of Samsung Electronics Co.
The WEEE Directive covers 10 product caregories--large household appliances, small household appliances, information and telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, lighting, electronic tools, toys and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring instruments and automatic dispensers--and establishes a financing mechanism based on extended producer responsibility to fund the recycling of these products.
dollar consumer electronics division," stated JS Park, President, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
In a report released this year, the International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER), Albany, N.
Eleksen is turning its designs into viable commercial products such as wearable electronics and wireless fabric keyboards.
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