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ELIDEExtension Language for Iterative Design Encoding (Java language software)
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Innis argues that the cultural predominance of spatially biased media of communications, such as television and cinema, contribute to the creation of "monopolies of knowledge" (what American Walter Lippmann later termed "the manufacture of consent") that spread themselves over vast geographical distances and can elide differences, encourage stereotypes and presume to occupy a pre-eminent, centralized, perhaps even "aerial" view.
As he lies dying in France, wondering in epigraphs, in the first person, at the beginning of each of the novella's three parts who will whisper in his ear the prayer for the dead, memories wander in and out like dreamlike sequences, and elide, in the textual imaginary of life at death's door, the liminalities of real and metaphorical shores.
91-2) works better with the opening scenes where he can elide God's creation and the creation of Heorot with poetic creation (pp.
In or to reserve a superior position relative to other African Americans, Alice uses the security of her social standing to elide Bob's moral contradictions in terms of race, smoothing over his fear of a racial apocalypse.
Her decision to include 'wildernesses' and deserts as well as forests in her survey leads her on occasions to elide the distinction between these two kinds of environment, as when she speaks of 'the centrality of the forest in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'.
Tenders are invited for Fire Extinguishing Ball Make : Elide Or Similar.
might strive to understand morality less as a question of individual taste and more as a question of what is true" - the authors elide precisely the true decentralization of authority and the diversity of approaches that a flourishing civil society should cultivate.
But what her supporters elide is that Hill could have made that choice - as did Rosa Parks, who risked her job as a seamstress and even her life to stand up (or sit down) for her rights.
Perhaps unsurprisingly given his professional background, Mattox's choices for inclusion tend to reflect Washington's preferred perspective and elide or omit many events, although certainly not all, that shed negative light on US actions and policies.
But the fluidity of terminology and the influence of humanism meant that by the beginning of the fifteenth century the two genres sometimes seemed effectively to elide, and the speeches could be labeled "oratio sive sermo" or even "sermo sive oratio" (it is not clear whether these titles were fifteenth-century ones, or had been assigned at a later date).
To elide this distinction is to distort the most critical component of the federalist concern to establish a constitutionally limited government, a republic in which strong wire protects the hens from the foxes.
The gallery presented a well-edited selection of three-dimensional "constructions" and works on paper made by Taylor between 1985 and 1990, for which the artist employed an improvisational process in an attempt to elide the borders between the two mediums.