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ELSEEconomic Learning and Social Evolution (UK)
ELSEEmacs Language Sensitive Editor
ELSEE-Learning and Software for Education (conference)
ELSEEast London School of English (London, England, UK)
ELSEEducational Leadership and Special Education (coursework)
ELSEEnhancement of Life Support, Europe
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I had to claw away from the bank pretty lively four or five times, to keep from knocking the islands out of the river; and so I judged the raft must be butting into the bank every now and then, or else it would get further ahead and clear out of hearing -- it was floating a little faster than what I was.
When James first started poring over baseball box scores, he had one big advantage, but everyone else would have thought it was a great disadvantage.
Paula shares race, gender, and maternity with all these women - but apparently little else.
Prioritizing tasks--on paper--can help eliminate tasks that clog your day and are enemies of productivity, things that someone else could--and should--be doing.
People who use mobility aids are like everyone else.