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EMBOSSEuropean Molecular Biology Open Software Suite (bioinformatics software for analysis of protein and DNA sequences)
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To emboss microstructures on two sides of the plastic films, metallic rollers with a diameter of 50 mm and a width of 140 mm were used.
Schmitz of RotoMetrics says a simple test will indicate if a substrate is suitable for embossing: "Simply hand-fold down a corner of the substrate you wish to emboss.
Emboss Fonts creates highly personalized fonts for the Mac & PC, Stephen Boss (owner) has been designing fonts since the Mid Nineties.
com)-- Emboss Fonts is proud to be a sponsor of Monotype Imaging's 2011 Web Font Awards.
com)-- Emboss Fonts, an internationally recognized type foundry started by Stephen Boss in the mid nineties is pleased to announce that Monotype Imaging is now offering his typefaces as fonts.
To emboss discrete 3-D features out of a polymer sheet, an appropriate through-thickness action is needed.
Embossing is really about the reflectivity of the material that determines how it looks, rather than the height of the emboss.