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EMICEagle Mountain International Church (Newark, Texas)
EMICEuropean Microsoft Innovation Center (Aachen, Germany)
EMICEnvironmental Mutagen Information Center (database)
EMICElectromagnetic Ion Cyclotron
EMICEngine Management Installation Center (vehicles)
EMICEarth System Model of Intermediate Complexity
EMICEnter Missing Involuntary (child disappearance; NCIC form datum)
EMICElectromagnetic Interference Compatibility
EMICElectromagnetics MIcrowave Communication
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With over 27 years of experience providing solutions to metal packaging companies across the world, I am confident that Epicor ERP will enable EMIC to reap operational benefits, respond to continual pressures to keep up with strict quality standards, and ensure they meet the demands of their customers on time, every time," he added.
While international business researchers mainly deal with cross-cultural data which is emic in nature (e.
Similarly, the tension results from the DIC technique are higher than the ones from the UTM EMIC for direction 3.
The emic coping mechanisms of Cosmic Balance and many of the Communal Spirtual Traditions noted in the Guatemalan focus group are based in traditional Mayan spirituality (Chiappari, 2002), which also has, in varying degrees, an influence on many Christian theologies, particularly Catholic beliefs and practices (Duffey, 2010).
benefit of exploring emic category construction, an idea already tested
Jahnke questioned the cultural accuracy of some of Neich's conclusions about Maori nineteenth-century design, with post-colonial writers, as well as emic informants, in mind: (19)
Une approche plus emic aurait sans doute permis de depasser l'analyse du pan uniquement feminin de ces systemes en refletant le fait qu'il faut etre deux (un couple marie compose d'un homme et d'une femme) afin qu'ils puissent fonctionner.
Alan Dundes in "From Etic to Emic Units in the Structural Study of Folktales" (1962) discusses Kenneth Pike's distinction between the "etic" and the "emic" within the context of folklore.
Dejo al lector descubrir el epilogo, encargado a un mason, en el que una carta escrita a un amigo nos transmite las vivencias, las emociones, la biografia de un iniciado, acercandonos una vez mas al orden sentimental y vivencial emic que Lopez Gomez nos propone en un constante intento de ceder la Palabra al otro, y que fiel y obstinadamente pretende llevarnos a compartir la trama de intersubjetividades de los actores sociales, el investigador y los lectores.
The most common and accessible is the etic approach; the more difficult is the emic.
To solve this problem, we chose the Emic Networks Application Cluster (EAC) to implement a fault-tolerant, load-balanced database cluster on a LAMP application stack, enabling both a robust and a cost-effective solution," Dennick says.
Each research project, according to EMIC director Pierre-Yves Saintoyant, involves between 6 and 12 companies and universities.