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When they came to an end, I tried to get employment again, and I failed.
The postscript which she had made me add to my letter; the incomprehensible withdrawal from the employment in which she was prospering; the disheartening difficulties which had brought her to the brink of starvation; the degrading return to the man who had cruelly deceived her--all was explained, all was excused now
I was ready to saw wood, shovel coal, carry wood, sweep the chimney, or roll oil casks,--all of which I am told that colored persons can now get employment at calking in New Bedford--a result of anti-slavery effort.
Harris a week or two after George had been taken away, when, as he hoped, the heat of the occasion had passed away, and tried every possible inducement to lead him to restore him to his former employment.
He had not then talked to me of employment, of ships, of being ready to take another command; but he had discoursed of his early days, in the abundant but thin flow of a wilful invalid's talk.
I told him that I wanted to begin right at the bottom and work up, that I wanted to devote my life to this one occupation and this one employment.
In the car-house your first employment will be sweeping up, washing the windows, keeping things clean.
The employment was likely to be both easy and agreeable; it was proposed to me at the autumn time of the year when I was least occupied; and the terms, judging by my personal experience in my profession, were surprisingly liberal.
Neither my mother's evident astonishment at my behaviour, nor Pesca's fervid enumeration of the advantages offered to me by the new employment, had any effect in shaking my unreasonable disinclination to go to Limmeridge House.
He did not believe that any honest work was a "dirty employment.
When the school districts offered early retirement packages to teachers who had served a minimum number of years, all six accepted and, except for Rase, waived all future employment rights as part of the plan.
The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) issued proposed interpretive regulations Oct.
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