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ENTEREquivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (Australian education system)
ENTERElectronic New Testament Educational Resources
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You can enter a world where the brain swells and you are told not
Many students enter college at 18, at a time when planning under the expanded kiddie tax suggests selling assets.
Race 3 1975 King George (Grundy v Bustino) call and enter 03; or text RPVOTE followed by a space and 03
Now click on Tools, General Options, opening the Save Options dialog box (exhibit 8, page 64) where you can enter a password.
In other business, the board also passed four resolutions to enter into agreements with agencies to begin capital improvement projects that are a part of Gov.
A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that during much of my teaching career I chose not to enter the majority of my students in competitions.
But he did discover that Lady Evelyn Herbert, the only woman to enter the tomb, outlived all the men who did so.
With the simplest system, a resident's tag 'wakes up' a controller device installed at a doorway when the resident attempts to enter or exit the door.
The eBusiness Suite application (Figures 6 and 7) allows logistics element managers and APMLs to update existing data and enter new items to the system.
1986 Enter the 24-second clock on continuous possession
8: C5: Enter 1000; change format to currency with two decimal places.