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ENUMElectronic Numbers
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This is why," continued the procureur, "I have left all my property, movable, or immovable, comprised in the above enumerations, to M.
Web Applications with Javascript or Java; Volume 1: Constraint Validation, Enumerations, Special Datatypes
Speaking on the procedure that officials put forward to conduct the enumeration exercise, the association's executive headed by Chief Muftau A.
Migrants and illegals were excluded from the count because of the de jure method of enumeration that registered residents on their original place of residence, and not on their present place of residence.
The internationally accepted de-facto method which records residents at their present place of residence was the only method to record the population correctly and this method should be used in the Post Enumeration Survey of the 5 % selected blocks.
DPO also directed the police officials deployed at different check posts to check every person at the entry and exits of the district to make sure the peaceful environment in the area during the house enumeration process.
Medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE:BDX) revealed on Thursday the receipt of 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a flow cytometer system, called the BD FACSVia system, with a leucocount reagent assay used in residual white blood cell enumeration.
The Enumeration Principle as a Continuity Tender A.
The Khareef Salalah Visitor Enumeration Project 2016 will be conducted till September 21.
The enumeration principle is familiar to all first-year constitutional law students.
public health enumeration efforts, CDC conducted its first agency enumeration in 2012.
One key goal of the CDC-HRSA collaboration is to establish public health workforce enumeration as an ongoing activity--a surveillance-like system--by using existing data sources and focusing first on the governmental public health workforce.