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In January 2007, Pacific Ethanol obtained a commitment for up to $325 million of senior secured credit, which will be used to recapitalize the company's Madera plant, to provide take-out financing on the completion of the company's Boardman plant, and to provide both construction and term financing for the Burley ethanol plant and two additional ethanol plants that the company has under development.
At one point in time, ethanol was not part of the answer to our fuel situation (remember gasohol?
Corn Belt states, ethanol distilleries are taking over the corn supply.
Brazilian private companies are busy investing billions in the construction of some 50 new ethanol production plants.
While ethanol provides 25 percent more energy than it consumes, the energy gain for soybean biodiesel is 93 percent.
Supporters say that when blended with petroleum products, ethanol from switchgrass results in a net energy gain of 334 percent, compared to just 21 percent for corn-based ethanol.
To produce enough ethanol to meet our energy needs, researchers are developing methods to turn plant parts into ethanol.
In a recent article, Ben Thorp said that, to survive, North American commodity mills must innovate with a business model that generates more profits by creating products like biodiesel and ethanol.
If the xylose fermentation hurdle could be overcome, the waste material left in the cornfield after harvest could produce 4-5 billion gallons of ethanol annually, says Ho.
As for David Pimentel, he is a very well respected agricultural economist who has long been a thorn in the side of the ethanol lobby.
A small commercial plant producing 500 kilos of pure ethanol a day went online in Brazil in March.