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ETHICSEffective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer-based Systems
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Nicolaisen (2004; 2003), Chief Accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advocated the need for CPAs and CPA firms to observe ethics principles of the accounting profession in the application of accounting rules.
Another problem is that there is very little information about local government ethics reform and few best practices for an ethics program.
One, they allow prominent scholars who address communication ethics to share ideas about their influences and the philosophical underpinnings of their views.
The ethics of reproductive genetics (reprogenetics) are dealt with in some detail.
It may be asked if personal ethics define the baseline for problem solving and decision making.
My thanks to Gail Crawford, APRN, member of the Ethics Committee, who agreed to do the Ethics article for this issue of the SC Nurse.
The field of narrative ethics has highlighted the value of patients telling their stories of illness, both for their own healing and for the sake of the physician-patient relationship.
The ubiquity of ethics in the mission statements of both universities and business schools requires greater scrutiny.
Comparing the various codes of ethics and professional standards governing out business to the concept of hot answering questions is an interesting exercise, one that I personally believe is long overdue.
The ACA Ethics Committee is charged by the ACA president to fulfill two primary roles: to conduct adjudications of ethical complaints and appeals in a timely manner and to educate the membership of the association on issues related to ethical practice and interpretations of the ACA (1995) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.