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This structure works remarkably well despite necessitating some repetition and a certain amount of cross referencing (the etymology of 'downs' is, for instance, only explained once).
Let us generously assume that every etymology considered possible by the author has a probability of nine in ten or ninety percent of being true.
Lewis appropriated it as a critical term, its etymology remains uncertain.
Each row seems to function like a definition that offers idiomatic expressions while tracing the etymology of Bik Van der Pol's own interventions.
Its main areas of interest are the origin, etymology, meaning, use, and influence of verbal aggression and verbal abuse of any kind, as well as language usually considered vulgar, obscene, or blasphemous.
Oh, to have had the large volume in my desk - I could have given her definition, etymology and a host of examples of usage.
It's no accident that the words ``ballot'' and ``bullet'' share a common etymology.
Beyond the fact that different thinkers were intrigued with such notions, he shows by implication how etymology was connected with epistemology at a time when the etymology of etymology still had power.
The name of the main character, Sophie, and the book's title play with the etymology of 'philosophy' which stems from the Greek for 'lover of wisdom'.
Another example: the etymology of Proto-Samoyed *waca 'fence' is rejected for having "different meanings, possibly the result of areal innovation" (p.
This dictionary of Native American words, mostly nouns, that permeate American English reveals not only the etymology, but also details how each word was used in traditional American Indian society.
De Li explains the etymology and symbolism of the 'anos, meses, semanas, dias y horas, planetas y signos' (p.