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EUAEuropean University Association (Brussels, Belgium)
EUAEmergency Use Authorization (US CDC)
EUAEstados Unidos da América
EUAEuropean Union Allowance (CO2 emissions)
EUAEstats Units d'Amèrica (Català)
EUAÉtats-Unis d'Amérique
EUAEnd User Agreement
EUAExamination Under Anaesthesia
EUAEuropean Unit of Account
EUAEnterprise User Authentication (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)
EUAEarly User Appraisal
EUAElectronic Underground Affiliation
EUAEgyptian Urological Association (Cairo, Egypt)
EUAEastside Urology Associates (Kirkland, WA)
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EUA Citizens President Steve Morgan stated, "The work of Exodus Coalition President Titus Kerby and Vice President Carl Latimer in managing general contracting and security apartment access for this project is another outstanding demonstration of what public housing residents can do to improve the environment, enhance the comfort of their neighbors, and reduce operating costs for the Housing Authority.
The EUA furthermore enables connection to the German Armed Forces' logistics system (LogInfoSys Bw SASPF) as well as to their command & control and technical information systems.
A low EUA spot price in 2009-2010 could make companies defer investments in abatement technologies," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Zeinegul Hassan.
We are pleased that the divestiture strategies and programs we employed to help EUA re-market its generating assets have helped it realize an average of 70 percent above book value," said R.
This is an exciting day for EUA customers and shareholders alike," said Sergel.
Noting that EUA customers currently comprise about 4 percent of New England's energy use, Pardus added: "This partnership with Duke/Louis Dreyfus will allow us to increase that market share.
This is good news for current customers of EUA, and those of the Massachusetts Electric and Narragansett Electric companies.
Onsite")(AMEX: ONS) announced today that it has reached a settlement with EUA Cogenex Corp.
EUA will be in direct communication with ISO-New England, which operates the electric generation and transmission grid in New England, and through that organization with the North American Electric Reliability Council to monitor events around the globe, starting when midnight hits the International Date Line.
a California limited partnership between Onsite and EUA Cogenex ("Cogenex"), in which Onsite sold its interest on Sept.
EUA Cogenex will be responsible to perform repairs required to bring all systems in compliance with design specifications and to conduct routine maintenance to assure that all systems are working properly over the next 30 month period.
of Toronto, Canada (TSE:AGR) and EUA Cogenex Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Utilities Associates (NYSE:EUA).