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EUEuropean Union
EUEuropean Union (top level domain)
EUEnergy Usage
EUExpanded Universe (series of novels and comic books)
EUEtats-Unis (French: United States)
EUEstados Unidos (Spanish: United States)
EUEuropese Unie (Dutch: European Union)
EUEuropäische Union (German: European Union)
EUEnriched Uranium
EUEvropská Unie (Czech: Europian Union)
EUEastern University (St Davids, Pennsylvania)
EUEuroopan Unioni (Finnish: European Union)
EUEdinburgh University (UK)
EUEntropia Universe (website)
EUElectrical Utilities
EUErholungsurlaub (German)
EUEcko Unlimited
EUEnergy Utilization
EUEquivalent Units
EUEge University
EUExecution Unit (computer engineering)
EUExternal Unit
eUEigenhändige Unterschrift (German: Personal Signature)
EUElectronics Unit
EUEdit, Undo
EUExtended Universe
EUEndotoxin Unit
EUElectronic Underground (gaming site)
EUEvangelical Union
EUEmisoras Unidas (de Guatemala; radio station)
EUExplosives Unit (US FBI Bomb Data Center)
EUEvents Unlimited (UK)
EUExpander Unit
EUEhrlich Unit (urobilinogen measurement)
EUEcuatoriana de Aviacion, SA (airline code)
EUEmmissions Unit (environmental operating permits)
EUEustice Australian Air Mail Catalog (philately)
EUElite Unit
EUEvangel University
EUEnd User
EUEngineering Unit
EUEmergency Unit (Hong Kong)
EUElon University (North Carolina)
EUEmory University (Atlanta, Georgia)
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A large number of peaks containing both neutral and ionized Europium were observed at 372.
As soon as the stage BC is characterized by the formation of bitumoids [6], they must be the main europium extractants.
To do this they focus on the europium (Eu) anomaly, which is generally regarded as a sensitive index of geological origins.
11) Europium sesquioxide (Eu203) has been tested as neutron absorbers for control rods in (fast breeder) nuclear reactors.
The angiogenic properties of the europium hydroxide nanorods open up a diverse set of biomedical applications and treatment classes that OmegaGenesis is pursuing," said Oostur Raza, CEO and co-founder.
Odour-maker Geza Schon explains that the sun is "predominantly composed of hydrogen and helium with a molten cocktail of copper, terbium, strontium, antimony and europium in its core".
The new sensor uses the chemical europium which, when zinc is present, causes a detectable change in the red luminescence of the chemical.
Notwithstanding, both HA and FA have been shown to form strong complexes with REE such as europium and terbium (Torres and Choppin 1984; Ephraim et al.
The researchers then tried to develop the latent prints at timed intervals by employing several methods, including the use of lasers, alternate light sources, iodine/silver transfer, cyanoacrylate fuming (commonly referred to as "glue fuming"), regular and fluorescent powders, specially formulated powders, regular and fluorescent magnetic powders, liquid iodine, RAM, ardrox, and thenoyl europium chelate.
Samples collected from 32 locations on the property provided indications of four elements as major potential contributors to value: Scandium (4 g/t), Neodymium (33 g/t), Samarium (6 g/t) and Europium (1.