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EVALEthylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer
EVALEarth Viewing Applications Laboratory (US NASA)
EVALExtraneous Variable Assignment using a Value (software fault)
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General background information, including relevant statistics and data, familiarization with the past evolution of an ongoing story, and knowledge of the interviewee's prior statements and actions are all necessary to provide the journalist with the wherewithal to challenge and evaluate the validity and veracity of what interviewees tell them.
The panel's conclusions raise serious questions about the extent to which current EPA testing protocols are able to accurately evaluate endocrine-disrupting effects.
While you can test how cores release from the corebox, a better method is to make a test core and evaluate the stripping force to eject the core.
It can be used to evaluate the esophageal lumen, lower esophagus, and the stomach.
For example, management may engage an environmental consultant to determine an entity's environmental remediation liability; the auditor also may use the consultant to evaluate the related financial statement accruals and disclosures.
The company encourages auditors, during the course of their work, to question and evaluate all aspects of the business and the use of resources.
If the firm is trying to decide which services to offer, another matrix should be completed to evaluate various service alternatives.
How do these companies evaluate their successful internal auditors?
However, it is critical for the institution to be able to evaluate the role service learning plays in fulfilling its community mission (Driscoll, Holland, Gelmon, & Kerrigan, 1996).
The audit objective for loans and for the related allowance for loan losses is to evaluate the reasonableness of the allowance recorded by management.
As it is neither feasible nor desirable to evaluate all aspects of a program, identifying specific audit areas is important.