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The first Resident Evil game was created by Shinji Mikami, who was inspired by an NES game called Sweet Home.
Capcom has now confirmed that the Chris Redfield in the ending of "Resident Evil 7" and the upcoming Not A Hero DLC is the same character from previous titles.
Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune, illness or even death.
All three films deal to some extent with the taboo of the child murderer and its related conundrums, specifically doli incapax, or at what age is a child culpable for his or her actions; thus, Waldron locates evil in these films in the diabolical acts of children.
The evil eye stems from the Greek theory that the eye can shoot rays that strike with harmful or deadly force.
When the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition refers to the "evil inclination" in human nature, this use of the term seems to encompass both the extreme and the ordinary sense of evil: it refers to evil in the full-blown sense, but does not imply that all people are equally likely to succumb to it to the same degree, nor does it deny that those who do are subject to special opprobrium.
Consequently, Warren proposes her biblically based model as the first alternative to a spiritual warfare framework for dealing with evil and for providing insights for the disciplines of preaching, counseling, and missiology.
The source of human participation in evil is often called the "fall.
Man has a responsibility to squelch evil (they might say), to prevent it, combat it, but man must also be practical.
God does not cause evil directly or as an end in itself, but God does cause the existence of the creaturely agents of evil and, in the case of moral agents, of their evil volitional acts (71).
The evil eye is also thought to affect children, adults, livestock and people's possessions.
Mary Baker Eddy (who founded Christian Science) put it: "At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good.