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XRExtended-Release (pharmaceuticals)
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XRX-Linked Recessive (skin condition)
XRExperimental Research (Ford Motor Company)
XRJesus Christ (from first 2 letters of Greek Christos; archaic)
XRXtreme Revolution (gaming)
XRExternal Reset
XRExperimental Rocket
XRExceptional Requirements (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
XRExport Reactor
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In addition, He and Ng (1998) argue that about 25 percent of the Japanese multinational corporations show significant positive exchange rate exposure.
Given that macroeconomic models characterize exchange rates as a way of transmitting asymmetric shocks, we analyse the role played by the exchange rate as a stabilization tool in open economies through a macroeconomic model describing monetary union.
In response to these failures, a number of scholars have attempted to predict exchange rate fluctuations with new approaches.
The market's forecast for the RMB exchange rate has focused predominately on the RMB-dollar cross rate, ignoring the Chinese currency's trade-weighted exchange rates (or nominal effective exchange rate and real effective exchange rate).
This short review essay describes my research agenda on real exchange rate determination, the Penn effect, and the Balassa-Samuelson theory, using a new data set of European price levels at a disaggregated level.
It should be noted that the priority is to avoid excessive exchange rate volatility, which is one of the jobs of the central bank.
On the other hand, the exchange rate depreciation has alone added Rs.
Managed floating exchange rate is a regime in which exchange rate fluctuates on daily basis but the central bank attempts to influence the exchange rate by buying and selling currencies.
On July 9, Iran's central bank posted an official exchange rate of 24,777 rials a dollar on its website, replacing the fixed rate of 12,260 rials, officially adopting a single rate.
The authors also find that the rate of international reserve accumulation tends to reduce the appreciation of the real exchange rate in episodes of commodity price booms and busts.
a flexible exchange rate need not be an unstable exchange rate.
Empirical findings indicate significant impact of exchange rate uncertainty on macroeconomic variables such as output, trade and investment.