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EXOExecutive Officer
EXOEnriched Xenon Observatory (physics study; various locations)
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In terms of HGV launch issues, a majority of scholars consider that the rocket engine can be shut off, and exoatmospheric optimal guidance can be used for launch vehicle to ship it to an appropriate altitude with a desired velocity and flight path angle [2, 25].
The challenge was the exoatmospheric engagement of the ballistic missile, which was attempted at the desired higher altitude.
The continuity of endo- and exoatmospheric spaces will become more obvious.
It is likely that China's first exoatmospheric ballistic missile defense test on January 11,2010 (exactly three years after the ASAT test) used this same technology to destroy an object on a suborbital path, therefore leaving no persistent debris (Jacobs and Ansfield 2010).
The Missile Defense Agency's Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle veered off-course after pressure from "outer space-related dynamic environments," the agency said.
It's a hypersonic glide body that can actually go exoatmospheric and endoatmospheric," said Eggert.
40) And the range of both the high stratospheric Arrow-2 and the soon-to-be-introduced exoatmospheric Arrow-3 allow for interceptions at altitudes above the jet stream, high enough to ensure that any chemical or biological debris is not scattered over Israel's cities and military targets.
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Another drawback is that due to their limited maneuverability, exoatmospheric objects have been hampered by their predictability.
The Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV), deployed on top of a long-range ground-based interceptor in Alaska and California, is really a euphemism for "space weapon.
The SOV is a hypersonic vehicle that, launching and recovering in the continental United States, would "pop up" to exoatmospheric altitudes.