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EXPExperience (mathematics)
EXPExperience Points (role playing games)
EXPExpansion Pack (games)
EXPExplosion Proof
EXPExpectation Value
EXPExpress Purchase
EXPExplorer Mission
EXPExecutive Platinum (American Airlines frequent flyer program)
EXPEqual Erasure Protection
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Last Survivor and Crew Expendable were both released as pre-order bonuses for the full game earlier this month, with both pieces of content rejoining the cast of Alien in scenes inspired by the original movie.
Not to condone piracy or anything, but it's hard not to emerge from "The Expendables 3" (which, at 127 minutes, runs considerably longer than its predecessors) and not envy those streamers for experiencing the picture under optimal circumstances, with volume controls and fast-forward buttons at the ready.
Marketing strategies should also vary between capital inputs and expendable inputs.
And, with an ongoing need to replace expendable packaging, Schefenacker continually threw money into maintaining a working supply of packaging material.
Similar to removing a pattern from an expendable mold, reusable mold castings cannot have undercuts and the draft angle must be large enough to allow the removal of the casting from the mold.
Moreover, it means designing a lot of parts from scratch when there are perfectly good ones available from the many expendable rockets in use now.
11 requires that substantial changes be made in accounting for government-type and expendable trust funds.
Its payload, the NOAA-G weather satellite, will be lofted by an expendable Scout rocket.
In its third incarnation, "The Expendables'' has become, well, expendable.
We chose to split the group into capital and expendable product industries, and since no significant difference exists between the two categories in terms of sales, we can readily compare them.
Boeing and JAL reportedly signed a previous agreement in 2001 for management of a limited scope of expendable parts.
Black Hawk mechanics, check Appendix D, Expendable and Durable Items List found in TM 1-1520-237-23-9.