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EXPEqual Erasure Protection
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The use of the deterministic exponential model in damage cases to establish lost future earning capacity assumes that the plaintiff's annual loss (Y) following the date of trial will increase over time (t) at a constant percentage rate.
Exponential Medicine is produced with generous support from Deloitte, Platinum Partner of the Exponential Conference Series.
We found that the Rs rate presented a significant exponential relationship with soil temperature, which was consistent with other findings (Buchmann 2000; Cheng et al.
If you go into politics, you have to make the transition from campaigning, which is an instantly gratifying activity, to governing, which is an exponential activity, requiring experience, patience and hard-earned wisdom.
The shark fin encapsulates the shift from strategic business change driven by incremental technology improvements to Big Bang Disruptions that are powered by exponential technologies," argue Downes and Nunes.
To appreciate the manner in which exponential growth affects technological strategy, the inevitable starting point is to determine how exponential growth works, and which technologies grow exponentially and which do not.
Future research to determine the regulatory mechanisms behind these processes and the switch from lag phase to exponential growth will tell us more about how Salmonella can flourish in different environments, and could point to new ways of controlling its transmission in the food chain.
Indeed, growth of money supply in many developed countries has also been exponential.
Thus, a strain energy density function with a few exponential terms can precisely fit the test data.
Kou, Elliott and Tarn [2] obtained sufficient conditions using Lyapunov stability theory for the design of local exponential observers.
In [9], Zhou et al obtained some sufficient conditions for the existence uniqueness and global exponential stability of the equilibrium point for HNNs system with distributed delays by using contraction mapping principle and differential inequality technique.
Both indices continue to stay below the long-term trend indicator of the 200 period exponential moving average (upper curved line in accompanying charts).