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EXTExterior (screenwriting)
EXTExeter, England, United Kingdom - Exeter (Airport Code)
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They had the bloom of health and happiness; and yet, as if I had been in charge of a pair of little grandees, of princes of the blood, for whom everything, to be right, would have to be enclosed and protected, the only form that, in my fancy, the afteryears could take for them was that of a romantic, a really royal extension of the garden and the park.
Clarriker informing me on that occasion that the affairs of the House were steadily progressing, that he would now be able to establish a small branch-house in the East which was much wanted for the extension of the business, and that Herbert in his new partnership capacity would go out and take charge of it, I found that I must have prepared for a separation from my friend, even though my own affairs had been more settled.
The extension of the prohibition to bills of credit must give pleasure to every citizen, in proportion to his love of justice and his knowledge of the true springs of public prosperity.
The determinate qualification covers a larger field in the case of the genus that in that of the species: he who uses the word 'animal' is herein using a word of wider extension than he who uses the word 'man'.
He wrote to the king to ask for an extension of his leave of absence.
The bow and arrow was like an enormous extension of their leaping and striking muscles, so that, virtually, they could leap and kill at a hundred feet and more.
The art of healing also has achieved some of its most glorious triumphs in the compressions, extensions, trepannings, colligations, and other surgical or diaetetic operations by which Irregularity has been partly or wholly cured.
Take Hasheesh Land, for instance, the land of enormous extensions of time and space.
Although the Lakers could have offered the extension anytime since Aug.
The Ninth Circuit rejected the argument that filing a return is substantially equivalent to an extension.
UC Irvine Extension prides itself on its ability to prove relevant and timely academic programs for our community members," said Gary Matkin, Ph.
It is used to request an extension to file Form 709 if an individual: