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The externalizing CoSS subscales of avoidance and attack other were moderately and positively correlated with externalization and detachment in the TOSCA-A.
Tangney and Dearing's (2002) concept of externalization mirrors the blame dynamic of sexual addiction and thus may link to hypersexual behavior.
In this study, internalization is defined as the use of a hierarchical authority mechanism to internalize transactions within an organization, whereas externalization is defined as exerting indirect control over external resources through cooperation, trust, and mutual benefits among partners.
There is relationship between externalization role and empowerment Islamic Azad University management staff of Kerman in 2014.
The subsequent sections discuss the four knowledge creation processes according to the SECI model (socialization, externalization, combination and internalization).
Besides this tendency, it seems to be present a difficulty of mothers to promote their children's self-regulation, as indicated by the percentage of descriptors in the Externalization category.
Of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies Atrium Research recently surveyed, only two had a comprehensive externalization data management strategy, though all were engaged in partnerships and collaborations.
This Exhibit is entirely devoted to industrial partnership and innovation (subcontracting, industrial cooperation, externalization, conception of new product, research and development).
These dynamics are helping to drive an increasing externalization of applications management (AM) functions to third party suppliers.
To explore knowledge distribution, our study adopts two key processes through which tacit and explicit knowledge interact, namely, externalization and combination (Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995).
The externalization of His Majesty King Abdullah II visions to evade road accidents simulates all of us whether public or private sectors to cooperatively collaborate to elevate the driving perception and let our roads be safer" Added Dr.
Unlike detachment and externalization, private shame and guilt are introspective affects, which means that people who feel these affects are able to perceive themselves as an integrated personality, to various degrees, in observing themselves or previous actions.