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EYEEarly Years Educator (trade magazine; UK)
EYEEuropean Young Engineers
EYEEpiscopal Youth Event
EYEEuropean Youth Exchange (intercultural education)
EYEEducation and Youth Employment (Export Development Canada program)
EYEEscenarios Y Estrategia (Spanish: Scenarios and Strategy; Red Eye in Latin America; Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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He drew no film across his one eye that showed his head cocked sideways, nor did the passion of apprehension that whelmed him manifest itself in the quiver of a single feather.
His lost eye and his scarred muzzle bore evidence to the nature of his experience.
But the ear of the whale is full as curious as the eye.
Noirtier's face remained perfectly passive during this long preamble, while, on the contrary, Villefort's eye was endeavoring to penetrate into the inmost recesses of the old man's heart.
Miss Wren had a reasonably good eye for smiles, being well accustomed to them on the part of her young friends, though their smiles mostly ran smaller than in nature.
Her glance travelled from his knock knees to his humped back, from his humped back to his only eye.
The savage light died from his eyes, and as the stranger stepped forward toward Korak, Tantor trailed docilely at his heels.
Mahtoree glanced his eye at the thicket, as if he thought the latter suggestion not impossible.
Let me introduce my brother to you," said Helene, her eyes shifting uneasily from Natasha to Anatole.
Bumble's awkwardness was enhanced by the very remarkable expression of the stranger's eye, which was keen and bright, but shadowed by a scowl of distrust and suspicion, unlike anything he had ever observed before, and repulsive to behold.
Many patterns of carpet lay rolled out before them on the floor--two of Brussels showed the beginning of their quest, and its ending in that direction; while a score of ingrains lured their eyes and prolonged the debate between desire pocket-book.
Poor Mac's eyes gave out; and well they might, for he had abused them, and never being very strong, they suffered doubly now.