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EYESEarly Years Easy Screen (article)
EYESEthiopian Youth Educational Support (African Children's Educational Trust)
EYESEducating Youth in Engineering and Science (Canada)
EYESEncourage Young Engineering Students (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
EYESEdinburgh Yield Estimator Sampling (software; University of Edinburgh; UK)
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From that moment the yells in the forest once more ceased, the fire was suffered to decline, and all eyes, those of friends as well as enemies, became fixed on the hopeless condition of the wretch who was dangling between heaven and earth.
The hand that was laid on his shoulder was now placed on the lips of a person with an ebony skin, with eyes of jade and with an astrakhan cap on his head: the Persian
And keep your ears and your eyes and your nose open.
An expression of intense joy illumined the old man's eyes.
Julia thought no more of Antonio; but while her delighted eye rested on the well known scenes around their house, and {as} she stood in the world, for the first time, leaning on Charles, she thought him even nearer than their intimacy and consanguinity made them.
A half-paralysed white sneering fellow--rather handsome head, but eyes with a lot of lashes.
As I neared the confines of the forest I beheld before me and between the grove and the open sea, a broad expanse of meadow land, and as I was about to emerge from the shadows of the trees a sight met my eyes that banished all romantic and poetic reflection upon the beauties of the strange landscape.
exclaimed Bérangère, whose eyes, incessantly in motion, had suddenly been raised to the summit of the towers of Notre-Dame, "who is that black man up yonder?
But that which might have appeared motionless to ordinary eyes was moving at a quick rate to the experienced eye of the sailor; that which appeared stationary upon the ocean was cutting a rapid way through it.
While saying this he never removed his smiling eyes from her face, her neck, and her bare arms.
Your Highness," cried the Woggle-Bug, appealing to Ozma, "have I a mind's eye, or haven't I?
There were some hills, with valleys between them, and on reaching the top of one of these hills the travelers found before them a high wall, running to the right and the left as far as their eyes could reach.