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FETRForeign Exchange Transaction Regulations (South Korea)
fEtRFrom Emotion to Reason
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Many of the attacks this past month have not been violent although they have clearly been acts of hatred for Muslims, such as dumping pig carcasses on the site of a planned new mosque and spreading bacon rashers on a field that was to be used for an open-air Eid-e Fetr event later in the day.
Two days after Ahmadinejad's speech, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi used his sermon at the Eid-e Fetr services to echo Ahmadi-nejad, albeit with less fiery rhetoric.
Muslims celebrate the Fetr Eid at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, after seeing the crescent of the new moon of Shawwal lunar month on the night before the Eid day.
dileu'r Man Parcio presennol i Feddygon yn Clare Road, ar ochr y gorllewin o bwynt 2 fetr i'r gogledd o gwrbyn gogleddol Durham Street tua'r gogledd am 19 metr.
Mae'n costio tua PS250 y fetr i ofalu am lwybr yn yr ucheldir.
The state news agency quoted the admiral as saying the naval victory should be regarded as a gift to the pious people of Iran for Eid-e Fetr.