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FACERSFlorida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents
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Specifically, machinists who repair and maintain flanges and seals on site can specify portable flange facers for single-point machining only, for milling only, or for both milling and single-point machining.
Since moving to open Facers in Flint he has added darker brews, making seven beers in all, including Dave's Hoppy Beer, Clwyd Gold and Splendid Ale.
amp; Duren, Germany -- Climax Portable Machine Tools' new line of powerful, versatile flange facers are ideal for in-situ repair and on-site machining of demanding flange surfaces.
Climax flange facers are increasingly being adopted to efficiently machine wind turbine towers as well as equipment in the shipbuilding, power generation, heavy construction, and service and engineering industries.
And while many of these bold facers come to relax, others come to play at the Chelsea, as we saw during Memorial Weekend, when the Chelsea became a hotbed of hip hop activity.
The portfolio includes: continuous insulation (CI) exterior wall insulation (available in two facer options: coated fiberglass mat facer and aluminum foil facer), air & vapor barrier and thru-wall flashing.