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FACETFaculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (Indianapolis, IN)
FACETFormoterol and Corticosteroids Establishing Therapy (respiratory medicine study)
FACETFosinopril Amlodipine Cardiovascular Events Trial (clinical trial)
FACETFuture Automated Commercial Environment Team
FACETFinancial Accounting and Comprehensive Expenditure Tracking System
FACETFuture Airborne Communications Equipment and Technology
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Following a TDR, a significant number of patients may experience facet joint degeneration.
Unilateral injury to the facet joint is generally thought to cause a certain degree of rotational instability as the injured facet and lateral mass complex rotates around the intact contralateral facet.
Using the fields as input to build a full-text index, the indexer must assure that it has capabilities to complete direct searches and support facet generation efficiently and correctly.
A facet can contain subfacets that further divide the values a facet might have.
Under the terms of the agreement, Abbott will promptly commence a tender offer to purchase all outstanding shares of Facet Biotech at US$27 per share.
The purpose of this study was to further delineate sub-units (facets) within a coarser soil landscape unit based on its facet occupants, rather than those landforms at a catchment scale.
The most favourable protonation site for both systems studied was on the facet that was on the opposite side of the molecule if taken from the carbon.
Why hadn't the writers on L&O brought this facet of the prosecutor's character into play before?
In this area, grinding is an extremely competitive business but, like every facet of our operation, if we see a benefit to be derived from it, and it will ultimately make us a better company, we will make it happen.
Such facet production would subdivide the crystal surface into an array of different-size plates, in which the successively smaller ones are often set at increasingly shallow angles.
The capsule tightens, increasing the pressure on the lateral facet of the kneecap, and the surface of the kneecap is worn down.
and it is mostly public relations that can address this facet.