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FADFunctional Analysis and Design (methodology)
FADFormazione a Distanza (Italian: Distance Learning)
FADFor A Day
FADFlavin Adenine Dinucleotide
FADFormación a Distancia (Spanish: Distance Training)
FADFunding and Disclosure (Australia)
FADField Ammunition Depot (various locations)
FADFunds Available for Distribution
FADForeign Animal Disease
FADFactory Authorized Dealer
FADFirst Appearance Datum (geology)
FADFloating Addition
FADFlea Allergy Dermatitis
FADFiscal Affairs Department (International Monetary Fund)
FADFresh Air Damper (various companies)
FADFamilial Alzheimer's Disease
FADFonds Africain de Développement (French: African Development Fund; est. 1972)
FADFaculty and Academic Development (various locations)
FADFish Aggregating Device
FADForeign Affairs Division (various locations)
FADFinal Appraisal Determination (National Health Service; UK)
FADFinance and Administration Division (various organizations)
FADFollow Any Day
FADFinancial Audit Division (various states)
FADFree Air Delivery (compressors)
FADFinancial Aid Department (various locations)
FADFinnish Association of the Deaf
FADFiscal Affairs Division (various organizations)
FADFine Arts Day (various locations)
FADForce Activity Designator
FADFood Availability Decline (economics)
FADFundacion de Ayuda a la Drogadicción (Foundation Against Drug Addiction, Spain)
FADFailure Assessment Diagram
FADFleet Air Detachment (US Navy)
FADFinancial Aid Director
FADFunding Authorization Document
FADFleet Air Defense
FADFlorida Association of the Deaf, Inc.
FADFish Attracting Devices
FADFile, Act, Delete (organization method)
FADFirst-Aid Dressing (US Army)
FADFormulation Authorization Document
FADFeasible Arrival Date
FADFunction Allocation Diagram (business process modelling)
FADFunctions As Designed
FADFinal Acceptance Date
FADFunding Allowance Document
FADFrame Assembler/Disassembler
FADFor Additional Days
FADFuel Advisory Departure
FADFriends Against Drugs
FADForward Area Defense
FADFunctional Area Designation
FADFunding Allocation Document
FADFirst Assets Delivered
FADFuzing Arming Device
FADFuel Air Detonator
FADFixed Amount Deduction
FADForward Area Display
FADFeature Architecture Design (software architecture document)
FADFun Auction Day (Northwood University)
FADFire Alarm Dispatcher (FDNY)
FADField Assistance Division
FADField Authorization Document
FADFighter Alert Detachment
FADFASCAL Absolute Detector
FADFirst Article Delivery
FADFeature Analysis and Design (high level design document)
FADField Activity Designator
FADFormal Agency Decision (military courts and review board agencies)
FADFighter Air Directory
FADField Activities Division
FADFresh Air Ducting
FADForce Accounting Designator
FADFinished After Deadline
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He also added that all proposals for the reconstruction of regional roads and FAD "Kolyma" will be transferred to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
En las imagenes de la aprobacion del FAD aparecen los dirigentes de las corrientes e integrantes del CEN que controlan la estructura del partido, en las que alzan las manos, se rien y gritan celebrando la muerte del PRD como un verdadero partido opositor de izquierda.
While many internet challenges and video fads tend to die out shortly after they begin, the Mannequin Challenge has a lot of celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, which may increase its longevity.
2007), we defined association of passively monitored fish as fish remaining within the detection range of the transmitters on the FAD (distances of 360 and 655m for V13P-4H and V16P-4H receivers, respectively).
It is no surprise to see more FADs popping up around the world as anglers are hauling in amazing numbers of marlin and other pelagic species.
Anyone who enters drawdown for the first time on or after April 6 will be deemed to be entering FAD as capped drawdown will be no long er.
In this article, we will summarize some interesting studies that have been conducted on what we consider management fads.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researcher Chunyu Wang and his team follow the trail of two genetic mutations - V44M and V44A - known to cause FAD, and show how the mutations lead to biochemical changes long linked to the disease.
Interpretee par Hassan El Fad et Dounia Boutazout, "Al Couple" est un vrai regal.
FAD diets don't work for the majority of women trying to shed the pounds, research has found.
Lean is a great thing, just not the only thing, and when we treat it like the one and only thing, we make it a fad, and when the other areas suffer, we begin looking for the next big thing.
EQUALITIES Minister Jo Swinson has asked magazines to shed the fad diets and fitness myths in their January editions.