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Maternal stress decreased over time in all groups; however, compared with the control group, stress was moderately reduced in the graduated extinction group and was significantly reduced in the bedtime fading group.
Several papers have analysed performance of DS-CDMA systems based on cooperative diversity in which direct transmission is considered in addition to two-hop relaying over different fading channels such as Rayleigh, Nakagamim and frequency selective fading channels [8]-[17].
Diversity combining is known to be a powerful technique that can be used to combat fading in wireless mobile environment.
Key Words: Best relay selection Cognitive radio Cooperative diversity Nakagami-m fading Performance analysis
The solidly working- and middle-class communities that patronize such businesses are themselves quickly fading.
In this paper we consider coherent detection of BPSK and QPSK signals in [eta]-[mu] fading channel.
Deadhead rhododendrons where the flower meets the stem, being careful not to break off vegetative buds below the fading flower.
Moreover, the paper also focuses on analyzing the effect of different fading environments consisting of fast and slow fading environments to the performance of schemes.
Fading Lab supplements the SR5500's existing real-time engine with a fading data playback engine that converts data into a sample-accurate wireless RF environment.
director of creative development for packaging, "Imagine a bottle that is bright red at the bottom, fading to pure white by the time you reach the top.
The Signatures of Time': binding signatures of time are fading footprints/tracking across wind blown desert floors,//newspapers whipping down cold, empty streets/split apart, become wings sailing light stingrays/swimming through wash of an emerald sea,//history is moments gleaned from unsorted stacks/holding facts, voices steamed clean as mussels/on a plat, disintegrating on worn tapes,/splintering on spools in old tape recorders,//like photos fading out in yellowing newspapers
The Fading Of The Scars by Orrin Michael Carpenter is an novel influenced by the real-life occurrences which saved the author from the clutches of the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.