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FAGFind a Grave (gravesite information site)
FAGFrance Active Garantie (French: France Active Garantie)
FAGForces Armées en Guyane (French: Armed Forces in Guyana)
FAGFluorescein Angiogram
FAGFischer AG (German business, now FAG Kugelfischer)
FAGFamous Actors Guild
FAGForward Air Controller
FAGFondo Agropecuario de Garantías (Spanish)
FAGForced Air Gas
FAGFirst Assembly of God
FAGForum des Associations de Généralistes (French: Forum of Generalists Associations; Belgium)
FAGFuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (Spanish; Guatemala Air Force)
FAGFabrications Automatiques Gerbelot (French manufacturing company)
FAGFilm Actor's Guild
FAGFormer Action Guy
FAGForward Air Guide
FAGFeldarbeitsgerät (German armored vehicle)
FAGFree-Air Gravity (gradient)
FAGFast Action Gun (accessory to aid rapid access to weapon)
FAGFan Against Gordon (NASCAR)
FAGForce Allotment Group
FAGFinance and Accounting Group
FAGField Advisory Group
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FAG Motion Guard Champion is a robust, electromechanically driven unit that operates on replaceable batteries.
Mr Lowry said Fag Ends provided invaluable support lines for people who were struggling with quitting.
At home Georgina much preferred watching telly to doing the housework - nowt wrong with that - and as a result her house boasted dead mice, mould and a tea towel which Fag Ash described as smelling like "the sheet of a thousand bums".
SHAMELESS Charlie Wilcox put her unborn tot at risk of serious damage as she proudly puffed her way through 3,500 fags during her pregnancy.
This was also an important event for the two Schaeffler Group subsidiaries, FAG Aerospace GmbH and FAG Aerospace Inc.
Smoking is the biggest single cause of ill health and early death in the borough and we, and our colleagues at Roy Castle Fag Ends, are committed to doing everything we can to support local people to quit.
Before purchasing the FAG Detector III, the company carried out balancing checks manually, which were taking, on average, around 4.
Miriam Bell, senior workplace smoking cessation adviser at Roy Castle Fag Ends, said: "It's important people who want to quit smoking are able to seek help in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
The first time I was referred to as a fag hag I was quite offended, because it sounded negative even though I didn't know what it meant.
The renaming of the company also enables us to position INA and FAG as distinct product brands, separate from any corporate entity.
I went for a pint and I was quite shocked when I still didn't have any real urge for a fag after the first few mouthfuls.
I THOUGHT the title of the winner of I'mA Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here was The King of the Jungle not Serial Philanderer,Give Me A Fag, I Need A Drink.