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FALCONFederal and Local Cops Organized Nationally
FALCONForce Application and Launch from the Continental United States
FALConForward Area Language Converter (SYSTRAN)
FALCONFlint Area Library Cooperative Online Network (Flint, MI)
FALCONFuzzy Algorithms for Control
FALCONFrequency Agile Laser for Configurable Optical Networks
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What would the gentles Sir Nicholas Boarhunte, or Sir Bernard Brocas, of Roche Court, say if they saw such a thing--or, perhaps, even the King's own Majesty himself, who often has ridden past this way, and who loves his falcons as he loves his sons?
The eye of the trained hawk, the glance of the three-mewed falcon, was not brighter than hers.
But this bright-eyed falcon of a girl had openly refused to endure such official delay.
At the signal, a loud whirr of wings in quick flight was heard and a large Falcon came and settled itself on the window ledge.
asked the Falcon, bending his beak in deep reverence (for it must be known that, after all, the Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair was none other than a very kind Fairy who had lived, for more than a thousand years, in the vicinity of the forest).
The Falcon flew away and after two minutes returned, saying, "I have done what you have commanded.
The misfortune is great; but I think you have still a good number of falcons, sparrow hawks, and tiercets.
We hunt, we fence, we dress falcons and break horses.
This new bank financing represents the next big step for us in implementing our business strategy, following the equity investment by Arcapita in 2005," said Falcon President and CEO John M.
It will feature Dassault Aviation's 5,950 nm/11,000 km Falcon 7X trijet, the fastest selling Falcon of all time; the 4,750 nm/8,800 km Falcon 900LX trijet, a class leader in both performance and fuel efficiency; and the 4,000 nm/7,400 km Falcon 2000LXS, a short-field derivative of the popular Falcon 2000LX twin.
In 1995, the late Shaikh Zayed realised the deteriorating situation and established the Falcon Release Programme.
With a signal from Suffredini, the falcon zooms into the sky in search of scavengers as bulldozers cover the 3,000 tons of trash dumped each day at the Simi Valley Landfill.