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FARADFood Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
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Lutschaunig said the last-ditch hope of keeping FARAD from completely closing is for the USDA or stakeholders to fund the program.
BOLD CLAIMS: Farad Maftoon, on the left, and chef Tony Ross with the Chelsea Docks Bistro version of the chicken parmo which is proving very popular on Tyneside What do you think?
Almost in all physical therapy units, commonly used devices are TENS unit, physical therapy ultrasound device, diadynami device, Galvani Farad device, electrotherapy, paraffin machine, hot-pack, treadmill, infrared lamp, short wave diathermy device and traction devices.
faRad FARAD, 26, fled to Calais to escape the violence in his native Sudan.
The referee dismissed Stringfellow and awarded Cirencester a penalty, which Lee Smith placed at a nice height to Farad Afandiyen's left, enabling Rugby's keeper to save.
This agreement substantially completes the sale of our wood products business, part of our transformation plan to become a more focused, more profitable company," said John Farad, IP chairman and CEO.
Tabulation of FARAD comparative and veterinary pharmacokinetic data.
This resistor type is used in the ac part of the NIST calculable capacitor chain from the Farad to the Ohm [19].
Part of the PowerCache line of large-and small-cell capacitors, the PC2500 2,500 farad capacitor caches 7800 Joules of energy at a nominal 2.
But such is the company's ambitions that chairman Farad Azima now questions the long-term survival, other than in limited applications, of the conventional "box" loudspeaker.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Fire/Flame Extinguishers And Micro Farad Capacitors.