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FTFinancial Times
FTFull Time
FTFor Trade
FTFree Throw (basketball)
FTForest Hills
FTField Trip
FTFront Tire
FTFirst Things (Journal by the Institute on Religion and Public Life)
FTFast Track (instant picture of premium/loss information in the casualty industry)
FTFamily Tree
FTFile Transfer
FTFrance Telecom
FTFoundation Trust (National Health Service; UK)
FTField Test
FTFairy Tale
FTField Training (AFROTC)
FTFashion Television
FTFaceTime (Apple, Inc.)
FTFour Tops (band)
FTFull Throttle (game)
FTForint (Hungarian currency)
FTFamily Therapy
FTFederal Trade Commission
FTFun Time
FTFrente (Portuguese: front; postal usage)
FTFaith Tabernacle (various locations)
FTFunds Transfer
FTFeeding Tube
FTFlyerTalk (travel)
FTFourier Transform
FTFoxtrot (comic)
FTFund Type
FTFull Term
FTFormal Training
FTFault Tolerant
FTFailed in Theory (examination marking)
FTFirm Transportation (high priority transportation service)
FTFinancial Technology
FTFarm Truck (license plate)
FTFrozen Throne (Warcraft III Expansion, gaming)
FTFuerza de Tarea (Spanish: Task Force)
FTFast Twitch (muscle fiber type)
FTFunctional Test
FTFortean Times (magazine)
FTForeign Talent
FTFun Trivia (website)
FTFishing Trawler
FTFault Tree
FTFilosofian Tohtori (Finnish: Doctor of Philosophy)
FTFlow Transmitter (industrial control description)
FTFluticasone Propionate
FTFrame Transfer (CCD image device)
FTFraction of Time
FTFile Transport
FTFrozen-Thawed (herpetoculture)
FTFixed Target
FTFire Control Technician
FTFallout Tactics (video game)
FTFiring Tables
FTFlight Termination
FTFacility Technician
FTFire Treated (lumber saturated with a fire retardant)
FTFast Transition (802.11)
FTFunctional Type
FTFirst Telecast
FTFixed Terminal
FTFlickr Today (website)
FTTerminal Forecast (aviation weather prediction)
FTFunding Team
FTFluid Time (Alleria, online roleplaying game)
FTForward Trading
FTFlowing Tears (band)
FTFuture Tank
FTFametracker (website)
FTForce Terminal
FTFowl Typhoid (septicaemic disease)
FTFluid Thioglycollate
FTFellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement (Association for Death Education and Counseling)
FTFootie Threads (football forum)
FTFalls Taxi (Black River Falls, WI)
FT(USN Rating) Fire Control Technician
FTFixed Radio Terminal
FTFallots Tetralogy (medical)
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Table-1 shows the results of factors potentially associated with delays to fast track.
Fast Track apprentice Sarah Landers said; I would recommend the Fast Track to anyone; its such a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable skills and start a career, all the while earning a decent salary.
Sources said that, if the performance of highly educated personnel will remain better till January, then recommendation will be proposed to ministry of Law to approve the law of fast track promotion.
By using fast track from the outset, it is easier to establish confidence with executives, but it can also be implemented at a later stage to re-establish lost credibility caused by programme delays.
At times, trading partners have refused (or at least threatened to refuse) to conclude negotiations with the United States until fast track was in place.
He claimed the CGF recommended Fast Track for the job for its meritorious past record, beyond which it did not have any role to play.
The fast track settlement procedures are available to resolve both factual and legal issues at any time after an issue has been fully developed but before the issuance of a 30-day letter (or its equivalent).
Once FDA grants a Fast Track designation, it encourages the manufacturer to meet with the agency to discuss development plans and strategies before the formal submission of an NDA/BLA.
Fast Track continually move with the times, as their innovative range of products shows.
He believes that 2 or 3 years from now more than half of the large cases will be settled through the Fast Track Settlement process.
A single subscription to Fast Track is $79; multiple-copy and multiple-year discounts are available.
In the meantime, Napster's top successor became the Fast Track network, which allows users to freely exchange music online, download and listen to it on their computers, move it to portable MP3 players, and even burn their own CDs.