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that opened upon a careful observer, now and then, in his eye, and closed again before one could fathom the strange depth partially disclosed; that something which used to make me fear and shrink, as if I had been wandering amongst volcanic-looking hills, and had suddenly felt the ground quiver and seen it gape: that something, I, at intervals, beheld still; and with throbbing heart, but not with palsied nerves.
It stood then, as now, upon a cross road, out of call of human habitations, and buried fathom deep in the foliage of six cedar trees.
I was sailing only one fathom below the surface of the water when the shock came.
Aramis said that as these sorts of affairs were mysterious, it was better not to fathom them.
I believe that this singular man, who appears to fathom the motives of every one, has purposely arranged for me to meet M.
Then I set my foot upon him, drew my spear from the wound, and laid it down; I also gathered rough grass and rushes and twisted them into a fathom or so of good stout rope, with which I bound the four feet of the noble creature together; having so done I hung him round my neck and walked back to the ship leaning upon my spear, for the stag was much too big for me to be able to carry him on my shoulder, steadying him with one hand.
He occasionally tried to fathom a comrade with seductive sentences.
What it was, Captain Bonneville could not fathom, nor did he make much effort to do so.
Once more the master is heard: "Give her forty-five fathom to the water's edge," and then he, too, is done for a time.
The question discomposed me, but I now felt plainly that my principal was endeavouring (for reasons best known to himself--at that time I could not fathom them) to excite ideas and wishes in my mind alien to what was right and honourable.
A few morsels of bread, with a fathom or two of white cotton cloth, and several pounds of choice pigtail, composed the extent of my possessions.
Tell me, for Heaven's sake," I exclaimed, "the method - if method there is - by which you have been enabled to fathom my soul in this matter.