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FEASTForum for European-Australian Science and Technology
FEASTFamily Educators Alliance of South Texas (San Antonio, TX)
FEASTFederation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (Australian National University)
FEASTFeedback, Evolution, And Software Technology
FEASTFood Education and Service Training (job training)
FEASTFirst European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test
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Ah, a feast," said Cornelius, in the sad tone of indifference of a man to whom no joy remains in this world.
It is, indeed, a feast in which flowers play a principal part.
For this day the Sheriff hath asked all the Butcher Guild to feast with him at the Guild Hall.
So let no man draw up his lip, nor thrust his forefinger into his purse, for I swear that neither butcher nor Sheriff shall pay one penny for this feast.
140: For at the marriage of Peleus and Thetis, the gods gathered together on Pelion to feast and brought Peleus gifts.
The feast was held in a large green field at the lower end of the village.
Now, as she had not been asked to the feast she was very angry, and scolded the king and queen very much, and set to work to take her revenge.
But we shall set you down to a feast we hope you will enjoy.
Then Cathbad the Druid, who was also at the feast, became exceeding sad.
Afterward they sat down to a splendid feast, and Ozma put Dorothy at her right and Billina at her left, where the hen sat upon a golden roost and ate from a jeweled platter.
Joyous in fight and feast, no sulker, no John o' Dreams, ready for the hardest task as for the feast, healthy and hale.
Now listen: my counsel is that we declare a feast of women to be held at the new moon in a secret place far away.