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FEMFinite Element Method
FEMFinite Element Model
FEMFront End Module
FEMFaculty of Economics and Management
FEMFaculdade de Engenharia Mecânica (Brasil)
FEMFédération Européenne des Métallurgistes (European Metalworkers' Federation)
FEMFakulta Ekonomiky a Manažmentu
FEMForeign Exchange Market
FEMFédération Européenne de la Manutention (French: European Federation of Materials Handling; est. 1953)
FEMFixed Effects Model
FEMFluorescence Emission
FEMForce Électromotrice (French: electromotive force)
FEMfield emission microscopy
FEMFree-Electron Maser
FEMFennoscandian Exploration and Mining (conference)
FEMFashion Elements
FEMFocus Exposure Matrix (semiconductor)
FEMFjällräven Extreme Marathon
FEMFluctuation Electron Microscopy
FEMForest Ecology and Forest Management
FEMFixed End Moment (mathematical analysis of a structure)
FEMFacilities and Equipment Maintenance (USACE)
FEMFire Equipment Maintenance (Australia)
FEMFrozen Empire Media (music label)
FEMFederación Ecuestre Mexicana
FEMFisheries and Environmental Management (Finland)
FEMForce Électro-Motrice (French: driving electro force)
FEMFeministas en Marcha (Spanish: Feminists on the March; Puerto Rico)
FEMFacilities Engineering Management
FEMFast Eye Movement
FEMFemale Entrepreneurs' Meeting
FEMFællessekretariat for Eftersyns- og Mærkningsordningerne
FEMFederated Export Marketing
FEMFissionable Equivalent Mass
FEMFluorouracil, Epirubicin, Mitomycin
FEMFundacja Edukacji Miêdzynarodowej
FEMFiber and Environmental Management (Alcatel)
FEMFemale Engineered Marketing
FEMFolklore Ensemble Magdeburg eV (Magdeburg, Germany)
FEMFederation of Women Entrepreneur Association Malaysia
FEMFred Ellsworth Medallion
FEMFaculty of Economics and Muamalat (University Sains Islam Malaysia)
FEMFar East Movement (music group)
FEMFour Eyed Monster
FEMFile Extension Manager (software)
FEMForschungsgemeinschaft Elektronische Medien eV
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The FEM report concludes: 'Despite the 2017 amendment, cases are continuing, and the law remains a primary tool for censoring criticism and silencing critics.
1] at a particular nodal point exceeds the failure envelope mandated by the Kupfer-Hilsdorf-Rusch criteria, a discrete crack is inserted in the FEM, enabling node separation.
The trend of FEM modularization is gaining traction, as modularization helps OEMs save on cost, time, and manpower during the manufacturing process.
To examine the appropriateness of the selected properties and to examine the accuracy of the FEM results, axial pencil lead breaks (PLBs) were modeled and experimentally applied to the end of a 1 m long actual PVC rod with the same diameter.
The results show a good agreement between RBF and FEM solutions for the uniform load with a maximum difference of 1.
Working with tenant, Starplast, and the owner, Bridgewater Ventures, Fem and Barton negotiated a 165,000 square foot lease at 9 Findeme Avenue in Bridgewater, NJ.
c] can be determined from experiment on static testing of perforated beam or using results of numerical calculation of beam by FEM.
17) Proposed VI-rules for FEM (first version): FEM [right arrow] ster / (*) -- FEM [right arrow] es
More linearity can be seen in the FEM results, especially for the guide without preload.
Holberg N et al found that when indirect mini-implant anchorage was used, FEM results revealed high loads on dental anchorage.
Such calculations are covered in over thirty-five examples of applications that balance theory with real-world considerations, with chapters showing how the FEM method has become a common engineering tool.