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It described a 29-year-old woman who died of this lung disease 8 months after taking fen-phen for just 23 days.
For this reason, appetite-controlling drugs like fen-phen and Meridia, while they may work for some for a year or two, are not likely to permanently alter the eating habits of millions.
Wyeth had expected sales of fen-phen and Redux, a similar combination diet drug, to approach $1 billion a year.
The company will produce a study indicating that while the users of fen-phen were at a higher risk for PPH, the risk for people who took the diet pills for less than three months was not significant, he said.
Weider's most important job now is to make sure consumers get the message that this is a natural alternative to fen-phen," says one buyer.
Past experience with dangerous weight loss drugs, like Fen-Phen, shows that this is essential to protecting women's lives--despite high demand.
Fen-phen was removed from the market more than a decade ago for inducing life-threatening side effects, including heart valve lesions.
Ford represents more than 400 people suing Gallion and Cunningham over their handling of a settlement involving the diet drug fen-phen.
To put that in perspective, Merck, with a slightly larger market cap, faces a potential liability of $18 billion to $30 billion from lawsuits over its painkiller Vioxx, the biggest pharmaceutical recall since fen-phen.
The Exchange's pharmaceutical resources include the SSRI and Link to Suicide Case Evaluation Kit (October 2004) and litigation packets for Lotronex (January 2003), Vioxx (November and December 2004), fen-phen (May 2005), Rezulin (May 2005), and Bextra (July 2005).
This study of the process resulting in the Food and Drug Administration's ban of the diet drug fen-phen following the whistle-blowing of MeritCare, a regional health system in Forgo, North Dakota, expands the concept of whistle-blowing to include external stakeholders who publicly expose problems or errors.