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Wyeth-Ayerst never prescribed any diet drugs and most did not prescribe the fen-phen combination, said Chuck Dunn, chief operating officer of the Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi, who represents Dr.
The fact that fen-phen is not on the market now doesn't mean it was a dangerous product at the time.
He had begun treating a woman who was on the fen-phen regimen.
Paul Rheingold, a New York City lawyer who represents fen-phen plaintiffs, said lawyers for the pharmaceutical company American Home Products Corp.
For Gallion, Cunningham and Mills, already wealthy men, the fen-phen case was very much about money, and greed, and arrogance.
s Redux, which comprised half of the recently recalled fen-phen prescription diet pill combination, the potential market for weight-loss drugs is enormous.
The story of how fen-phen and Redux came to be used by 6 million Americans is chilling.
Compare Merck's Vioxx woes with Pfizer's Rezulin and Wyeth's fen-phen, if such correlations exist.
In this case, both of these women suffered permanent injuries and scarring to their heart because they took fen-phen," said Steven J.
When the prescription fen-phen weight-loss ``cocktail'' hit the market a couple of years ago, we could see slim-fit jeans and bikinis in our future.
In 1997, the MDL proceedings for the nationwide Fen-Phen trial against Wyeth were also held here.
However, he does not expect it to generate the kind of frenzy that fen-phen did.