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FENDFar End (Telabs)
FENDFederal Employees News Digest
FENDFederation of European Nurses in Diabetes
FENDFire Emblem New Dawn (anime online community)
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He had fought like a pagan who de- fends his religion.
Ghassan Daghles, monitoring Israeli settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told WAFA a group of Israeli settlers, under Israeli forces protection, attempted to storm and attack the village of Madama, however, locals managed to fend off their attack.
The banking regulator in China has said that it would fend off credit risks in the banking sector, according to Reuters.
BEIRUT: President Michel Aoun applauded the pre-emptive security operations conducted by the Army and security forces to fend off the threats of "terrorists" along Lebanon's northeastern border.
Women have a right to go to work without having to fend unwanted advances or inappropriate behaviour from members of the opposite sex.
There are only a few clubs that can fend off interest from clubs in a higher level.
At the same time, the machine adopts MHI's proprietary "Smart Yaw" technology to fend off occasional gusty strong winds and withstand hurricane-force wind velocities up to 70m/sec.
In response, the organization explores ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency to fend off competition.
The judge turned this proposal down because she concluded that the Minister's proposed placement was "contrary to J's welfare and would not enhance her ability to care and fend for herself.
To fend them off, he transforms himself into Paperboy, an African American superhero who punishes with paper objects and wicked paper cuts.
Love is supposed to count for something in this novel, though fending off its presence doesn't do much to fend off the outer dark.