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FEWForum for the Empowerment of Women
FEWFranzösisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch (linguistics)
FEWFederally Employed Women, Inc.
FEWFire Emblem World
FEWFundamental Equity Weightings
FEWFostering Executive Women
FEWCheyenne Warren AFB US (airport code)
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Homeowners can request price quotes directly through the Trusted Few site.
Also, for the last few years, Few has been the Ducks' next coach.
But few saw the potential that Cogswell did five years ago when it first sought to buy and renovate the dilapidated building.
Perhaps he'll be one of the lucky few to witness Hawking and Hilton colliding in a brainy yet glamorous zero-g mishap.
A FEW DAYS LATER, Omar, Pixie (Thretning Verse's singer) and I have broke off from the rest of the group and made our way to the pyramids of Teotihuacan.
Take a few minutes to wipe down door handles, steering wheel and transmission handle.
Indeed, some of these stars resemble models of what an Eta Carinae--like eruption might look like a few thousand years after it happened, notes astrophysicist Paul Crowther of the University of Sheffield in England.
Wiseman's View is a short of walk a few hundred yards from the parking area.
This is because private and public insurance companies make deals to keep prices down, while there is no such restraint on prices for the few who must pay for care themselves.
We've been through a few good years, and now the new guys are coming in, and the way they get business is by offering lower prices.
But there are few studies with community-based physicians to determine if patient compliance between visits actually improves when physicians use these tools.
This celebration of all things Gallic in a city where two years ago Congress banned the phrase "French fries" from its cafeteria menus might raise a few eyebrows--especially as it's coinciding with a sudden White House rush toward rapprochement with France, in part to solidify support for U.