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FIBFocused Ion Beam
FIBForwarding Information Base
FIBFestival Internacional de Benicàssim
FIBFédération de l'Industrie du Béton (French: Concrete Industry Federation)
FIBFacultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona
FIBFish in A Barrel
FIBFederazione Italiana Bocce (Italian Bocce Federation)
FIBFlying Inflatable Boat
FIBForward Indicator Bit (SS7 MTP Layer 2)
FIBFires Brigade
FIBFederal Investigation Bureau (Grand Theft Auto IV)
FIBFast Information Block
FIBFraud Intelligence Bureau (UK)
FIBFédération Internationale de Boules
FIBFlight Information Bulletin
FIBFrequency-Invariant Beamformer
FIBFoundation for Internet Begging
FIBFishing-in-Balance Index (marine ecosystems)
FIBFriendly Illinois Brethren
FIBFields by Information Blending
FIBFriendly Illinois Buddy
FIBForwarding Information Block
FIBField Information Bulletin (Unisys)
FIBFile Interface Block
FIBFrame Insertion Board
FIBFreshwater Invertebrate Biology (journal)
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I know that together, FiB and Gorvins can do much to enhance the specialist support available to local family enterprises across the North West.
The FIB workstations are to be used for thin-film head production applications.
Nasdaq:AMAT) launches its revolutionary Applied SEMVision G2 FIB Defect Analysis system, the first in-line production tool to integrate advanced defect review SEM* capability with automated FIB (focused ion beam) cross-sectioning and EDX* analysis technology in one system.
Dani Saveker, who was CEO of her own family's business in Birmingham before founding FiB in 2012, said: "Gorvins typifies all that FiB looks for in its advisers - commitment, understanding and passion for family businesses.
The most common treatment to reduce the risk of stroke in patients with A Fib is the use of blood-thinning warfarin medication.
FiB chief executive, Dani Saveker, said: "The Annual Survey aims to uncover and identify the main professional and personal issues affecting the individuals working in the UK's family businesses.
FIB 2 His government would spend more on flood defences.
Scrum half Mike Phillips said: "The Dai Fib appeal is a fantastic initiative providing people with the confidence and knowledge to use this equipment, which could potentially save a team member's life.
British can't stop telling fibs THE average Briton tells more than 10 lies a week, with two fifths claiming fibs are "sometimes necessary".
5) FIB and MWF have subsidiary depository institutions that compete directly in the Montana banking markets of Bozeman, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, and Missoula.
Meanwhile, insolvency proceedings against the Burgas Shipyards have been initiated by two entities, PST Holding, a company related to FIB, and by the new management of the company.
and was subsequently incorporated into some FIB publication.