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F/OFind Out
F/OFather Of
F/OFirst Officer
F/OFront Office
F/OFlight Officer
F/OFull Option (automobiles)
F/OFarm-Out (oil & gas)
F/OFuel to Oxidizer Ratio
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The Sabeus Sensor Systems' LightSense 400 Distributed Temperature Sensing System is a production turnkey, fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system intended for permanent installation within well bores.
Our fiber-optic capacity agreement with COMSAT International marks a milestone in the migration of satellite services to fiber-optic connectivity in Colombia.
Within Equitech's fiber-optic product line is its high-performance multiplexer with multi-channel capabilities, offering a decided advantage over competitors in the field.
Prima is the first in a revolutionary new family of modular automation systems that is expected to transform the fiber-optic industry by accelerating production while implementing true process control and lowering the cost of component and module assembly, all at the same time.
Construction on the fiber-optic line will begin in September 2001 with completion slated for the end of 2002.
Agilent customers now have the ability to add fiber-optic ports, replace fiber-optic transceivers, and scale their systems when needed without interrupting network services.
Whether looking to shift careers or just understand the ins and outs of fiber-optics, UMass Lowell's new online graduate certificate in Photonics and Optoelectronics offers a convenient solution.