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Our fiber-optic capacity agreement with COMSAT International marks a milestone in the migration of satellite services to fiber-optic connectivity in Colombia.
Within Equitech's fiber-optic product line is its high-performance multiplexer with multi-channel capabilities, offering a decided advantage over competitors in the field.
kSARIA is the only manufacturer of standardized fully automated systems designed specifically for fiber-optic components assembly processes.
As 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel gains momentum, we are applying our expertise as the market leader in fiber-optic transceivers to the storage networking market," said Sharon Hall, worldwide marketing manager for Agilent's SAN Optics Business Unit.
In the 1000BASE-SX/LX fiber-optic mode, the Alaska Quad+ devices consume less than 250mW per port.
We've created an ideal combination of speed, accuracy, sensitivity and resolution in an instrument that will be useful to anyone that assembles fiber-optic components," says John Goehrke, Chief Executive Officer at Luna Technologies.
Market Analysis III-1 Outlook III-1 Telecom Industry: Focus on High-Speed Fiber Networks III-1 Fiber Optic Networks: A Steady Growth III-2 Internet Use in the US III-3 Table 40: Internet User Base in the US (2009- 2012): Number of Users as a % of Total Population (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-3 Fiber-Optic Systems Replace Traditional Telephone Networks III-3 Fast Internet Access Demand Gears up New Optical Systems III-3 FTTP Deployments: On the Rise III-4 Nationwide Fiber Optic Network by Single Provider - Is it Feasible?
The new product offerings include a 10 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) transponder, a microwave fiber-optic transceiver, and custom designs of components such as modules, line cards, shelves, and rack-level equipment that incorporate fiber-optic and communications technologies developed by Harris.
Sabeus has applied its unique and proprietary fiber-optic expertise in producing the first production systems that promise to attain this difficult goal.
The Company's unparalleled reputation for excellence, along with its history of innovation, top-tier clients, we contend, will provide the total solution for the fiber optics industry, and specifically the telecommunications arena, where over 125 million miles of fiber-optics are expected to be installed.