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FNFood Network (TV channel)
FNFront National
FNFunction (keyboard key, BASIC keyword)
FNFactory New
FNFinancial News
FNFirst Name
FNFirst Nation
FNFight Night (video game)
FNFalse Negative
FNFile Number
FNFireman (Navy)
FNFireman (USCG, USN)
FNForenede Nationer (Danish: United Nations)
FNFirst Night
FNForces Nouvelles (Côte d'Ivoire)
FNForente Nasjoner (UN)
FNFinancial Network
FNFeliz Navidad (Spanish: Merry Christmas)
FNFirst Notice
FNFabrique National (arms maker and its rifles)
FNFernando de Noronha (Brazil)
FNFebrile Neutropenia
FNForeign National
FNFinding Nemo (movie)
FNFowler-Nordheim (electronics)
FNFlat Nose (bullet)
FNFunctional Description
FNFracture Numérique (French: Digital Divide)
FNFind Number
FNFocus Now (Texarkana, Texas)
FNFlight Nurse
FNFroude Number
FNFakultetsnämnden (Swedish: Faculty Board)
FNFundación Natura (Spanish: Nature Foundation)
FnFORCEnet (US Navy)
FNFuzzy Navel (cocktail)
FNFog Nozzle
FNFuture Navy
FNFolder Navigation
FNFragged Nation (gaming website)
FNFaith Networks
FNFully Non-Reciprocal Method
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The fibroblasts in groups conditioned with fibronectin showed stronger proliferation compared with those of the control group.
Fibronectin glomerulopathy was established on the basis of the kidney biopsy findings.
We have reported that stimulation by fibronectin increases the release of CCL2 from activated microglia, and CCL2 stimulates the CC chemokine receptor CCR2 of microglia resulting in the stimulation of P2X4R trafficking to the cell surface from lysosomes of microglia (38) (Fig.
Like b1-integrin, eliminating fibronectin from young muscles makes them appear as if they were old, and restoring fibronectin to aged muscle tissue restores muscle regeneration to youthful levels.
Based on this study, we must conclude that the routine use of self-collected quantitative fetal fibronectin and transvaginal cervical length is not a viable way to screen for preterm birth in a nulliparous population," said Dr.
It was shown that binding of prorenin or renin to the PRR induced mesangial cells to produce TGF-[beta] and to increase fibronectin and collagen synthesis independently of Ang II [22].
We found out that the fetal fibronectin test is a significant predictor of preterm delivery in our population with a sensitivity of 75%, specificity of 68.
Because of its importance as mentioned above, fibronectin adsorption has been studied at length with insightful results.
The Company has established a number of R&D relationships with companies in the biotech and Pharma field and has received a Phase I and II from the National Science Foundation for its platform technology for the development of Antibody Mimics based upon the Fibronectin Module 14 human scaffold.
Causes for [alpha]2-[beta]1 interzone bands include paraproteins, pre-[beta] lipoprotein, haptoglobin-hemoglobin complexes, plasminogen, and fibronectin.
ECM consists of several distinct components (Figure 1) which can be divided into three groups: i) structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, ii) specialized adhesion proteins, such as fibronectin, fibrilin, and laminin, iii) glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and proteoglycans (PG).
The test is for foetal fibronectin (fFN) a protein which is detectable in a woman's cervical fluid all the way through pregnancy.