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FILSFederal Information Locator System
FILSFlorida Institutional Legal Services, Inc.
FILSFlorescan Instrument Landing System
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Ficon has been shipping its FiLS MPLS solution to customers and recognizes the need for value-added features in its product lines.
FiLS LDP and FiLS CR-LDP have been shipping since August 1999.
1999, Ficon demonstrated FiLS interoperability with Cisco, Nortel and Ericsson.
Earlier, the UAE Central Bank told Gulf News that smaller denomination coins, such as 1 fils, 5 fils and 10 fils are readily available and are still in circulation.
When asked to break the Dh10 into small change, one teller offered 25 fils, 50 fils and Dh1 coins.
There are no 5 fils or 10 fils coins any more," the teller said.
At a chic fashion store in one of Dubai's leading malls, the two female cashiers at the till burst out laughing when I tepidly asked for my 15 fils back.
90, and when I paid Dh16, I was handed back the exact change of 10 fils.